Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
3 Clones - ( +4 implants & 3% mining yield ) ( +3 implants & 3% mining yield ) ( empty )
Located in Jita
11/5/2012 Birthday
Positive Security Status

Mining Barge - V
Exhumers - V
Metallurgy - V
Ice Harvesting - V
Reprocessing - V
Reprocessing Efficiency - V
Cybernetics - V
Drones - V
Drone Avionics - V
Mining Drone - V
Sentry Drone - V
Light Drone - V
Medium Drone - V

Trained into Gallente Ships

What is the price you are looking for?
Will 7B be ok?

I was looking for around 9b. Any movement on your offer?

Yep, can we meet half way - 8bil? I can send you isk and complete the deal still today

I’ll accept. I’m still at work for the next 4-5 hours. Send the isk and mail me the account name and I’ll complete when I’m done with work.

Ok Deal

Update when isk is sent and mail is sent. I’ll do the same when I complete the transfer. Thank you.

ISK and mail sent to Rika Shiraki

Character has been transferred, you should see me in 10 hours. Enjoy!

Got it - thanks for the quick deal!

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