As the title suggests I have myself for sale , Born 2021 ,2nd October
now before you biomassing/recycling folks have a gander, do take a look below first please :slight_smile:

+4(standard) implants in all attributes except charisma
Skills of note:

Precursor frigate level 5 - Small precursor level 5 - Small disintegrator spec level 5
Precursor destroyer level 5
Precursor cruiser level 5 - Medium precursor weapon level 5 - Medium disintegrator spec 4
Precursor Battlecruiser level 5
27 d to Precursor Battleship level 5 - Large precursor weapon level 3

Amarr Strategic crusier level 4 with all subsystem to level 5 - Medium beam and pulse spec 4

Gallente frigate level 5 - Amarr frigate level 5 - Caldari frigate level 5
Interceptors level 5 - Covert ops level 5 - Assault frigates level 4
Recon ships 4 - Logistics cruisers 4

Positive wallet balance, Located in high sec Gallente space 0.9
Character has 199 ship skins as a result of logins/campaigns and festive rewards.
Remap is available
Neutral standings (except Serpentis and Guristas negative)
No kill rights
Security status 0.3

Starting price 21b (will not go lower)
Buyout: offers considered

I will transfer character upon sale and isk confirmation
I will leave this thread up for 3 days from now .

May the odds ever be in your isk favor :slight_smile:

21bil buy out. isk in hand

I can offer 26B buy out, if u can finish the trade within this 2-3 hours.

27bill :slight_smile:

Thank you for your offer,
I have received offers in game via mail and chat, but they will not be considered unless posted in this thread.
2 days to go :slight_smile:

Sold to Par0dy for 27b.
I will message you in game to confirm there as well.

isk sent, just need to biomass a toon ready, forgot to do it already :( will be ready for transfer in 10 hrs :)

ignore above, found a toon with a slot, will sent account when server back up !

ISK received thank you

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