(Kamala Appelhof) #1

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights against
No jumpclones
Located in Amarr, Hisec
Full set of +5 implants
Currently in NPC corp

I will be open to offers posted in this thread until next Tuesday June 5th 2300 EVE Time.

Thanks for looking!

(TheDancer Girl) #2

42 bil

(Gattanera) #3

43 bil

(Maizie Fields) #4

45 bil

(TheDancer Girl) #5

46 bil

(Iseemir) #6


(Kamala Appelhof) #7

Daily bump

(Kamala Appelhof) #8

Bump for the day

(Kamala Appelhof) #9

Ok so since interest seems to be waning–if I don’t get a higher offer than 47 bil by tonight I will be accepting Iseemir’s offer.

(Kamala Appelhof) #10

If Iseemir confirms his bid of 47 bil the toon is his.

(Iseemir) #11

Acc info and money sent.

(Kamala Appelhof) #12

isk and info received, character transfer iniated. thank you!

(Iseemir) #13

Transfer confirmed, thanks!

(system) #14

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