Solo Venture Abyss test


Tried this wild idea of taking a venture into the abyss just for fun, was pretty hillarious fighting trigs in it :joy:


If you are using drones then you should include some mining lasers in the highs. Multitask.

:red_circle: As if he could manage to do that. The only thing he can do is spam meaningless videos. And before someone says “Why are you so toxic?” His garbage ruins my gameplay, is the answer. I am not toxic, I am just reciprocating the favor.

At lest you provided proof that you are nothing more than troll.

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when we were in Volt, we did a pvp fitted ventures fleet. I flied a logi venture. I ran out of cap after one rep cycle, but we managed to get one kill. It was fun.

Amazing experience man! =) lot of fun

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