Some agents don't give me missions even though the agent finder tells me they will - why?

Is this a bug? Or a bug in my understanding?

I’ve been used to finding agents through the agent finder. Sometimes they’re a few jumps away so I set a course and then when I arrive they give me a mission. But today I found a couple of L2 & L3 agents this way, but when I arrived they told me they didn’t have missions for me. If so, why did they appear in the agent finder? I don’t have ‘Ignore Standings Requirement’ checked.

As an example:

Fynnir Torsont, SoE, L3 agent in space I found through The Agency, located in Traun. Her bio says that she provides missions to any agent with standings requirements (i.e. not storyline).

My standings with her are:
0.8 (personal)
3.41 (SoE)
1.29 (SSoE)

But she doesn’t give me a mission.


That is an event agent, not a regular agent. It looks like it is part of a COSMOS mission - so you have to be referred to them.


Thanks. Yes, she’s an Event Agent.

So why does she show up as available in The Agency? The other agents I have to be referred to have a \ symbol indicating that they aren’t actively offering missions.

I think it is because CCP doesn’t care enough to fix it.


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