Some character tips needed

greetings all

its great being back in eve after an extended brake , I need some tips regarding my current main character

currently my character skills look like this -
amarr focused with T2 guns and a descent amount of support skills , this one fly’s a dam mean nightmare

though I am thinking on changing up to more caldari type ships with good pve type ship , busy training up drone skills so I can fly a rattle snake a bit better , though from what I have seen the nightmare and other ammar ships fall a bit short when it comes to pve , with more drone oriented characters doing much better in pve compared to my none drone pew pew one

now what I need some advice on , do I simply swap this character for a caldari/galante one with the proper skills for cruse T2 with drones and shield tanked type character ? or do I simply extract and re inject skills to fill the gaps ? or what would yo do ?

thank you all for your time

-tips hat-

to answer your question we have to know which kind of pve activity you want to do: ratting? ded sites? blood raider? sansha? others? in hi-sec? low-sec? null-sec? wormhole? etc
if you want to “semi-ak” rat, then a VNI will work without having to micro-manage your modules (lasers etc): speed tank with 100mn AB on, your drones shoot rats, you only need to do something if npcs target your drones or are too far to hit you (because then drones won’t auto-attack them)
if you want to do 10/10 blood raider, you need a 2B rattle (or a a marauder)

thank you for the fast reply mate

I will be aiming at nullsec definitely mostly just ratting as I can at any time just jump into a frig for some pvp fun if needed , I will be aiming at ratting but sub cap since I dislike carriers , haven’t seen the new changes they made to carriers yet though will google that a bit myself

Well, the answer would be neither.

I don’t exactly know what you mean by “swap character”, but you already have the core skills so why would you need to change characters.

And don’t use skill extraction as a means to remap your character. Not only is it expensive, it’s also diminishing returns. You only receive 400k of the 500k extracted, back.

If I were you I would just train my drone skills up and go from there. Its not like it takes a lot of time.

for ratting in null sec, i would suggest to use a VNI for the reasons i gave above. You will earn about 50M/h in bounties. You can get slightly higher ticks with a rattlesnake. But honestly any bs can rat in null sec. I used an abaddon or a nightmare to rat in sansha space before, i also used a domi in blood raider space, and i am quite sure that a machariel or a raven will do the job.
The most important point is: fly the ship you like, don’t focus on isks/h ratio. ratting is boring after the first 30-60min (as mining, as trading, as most of pve in eve except explo, or high tiers abyssal sites)

have fun

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