Some notes on Ubuntu 20.04


new Ubuntu LTS version incoming, new laptop too (Ryzen 3500u)…

Installed the 20.04 nightly build and got the linux launcher. Untarred and started it. It upgraded itself and I could play with the following settings: Download everything (probably optional but I like that), Run clients with 64 bit (mandatory unless you want to debug 32bit lib dependencies) and Enable hardware rendering (optional too if you really like bad performance).

DX9 and 11 both work, DX11 still has the same annoying bug when alt-tabbing out and then back in it doesn’t get back to fullscreen unless you fiddle with the settings…

Performance is quite a bit less than on windows but usable - that is probably due to using the not very optimized open source amdgpu driver (have not yet gotten to install the proprietary amdgpu-pro driver).

EDIT: as it turns out there is no proprietary linux driver for the Ryzen Mobile series - but on the other hand the open source driver offers Vulcan support already. A quick test under steam showed performance similar to windows. So will try that to work with standalone Proton sometime…



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