Some things to add to the tutorial in EVE

I have some suggestions what could get changed for the tutorial missions.
First i want to say CCP you did a great job for the tutorial but there are still some VERY important
basics missing.
Here are my suggestions:
-Add how to warp,use jump gates.
-how to anchor up on fc
-How to join a fleet

you learn how to warp/jump gates from the career agents.

anchor up on FC and fleet should be learned by your corp, preferably player corp not the NPC corp you are in when you join…

This game isn’t about handing stuff to you, CCP leaves a lot to be learned by the players, and thats why there are guides and videos, and tutorials that players put out, cause its up to us to learn how to play in the sand.

CCP could dump a giant box of sand and walk away, and it would be up to us to find the toys that is in the box of sand, and learn how to play with them.

You are actualy right

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