Some whining about anti-RPG changes

I agree that immersion is very important. That’s why I didn’t like the renaming/tiericide off so many modules.

It was way more realistic with all the varied names. Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron!!

But other people really enjoy the Agency and Activity Tracker. It appeals to a different style of gamer. You can turn it off. So everyone gets what they want really. There’s no downside.

Somewhat lost in the noise but I said awhile back I can’t justify investing time or money into this game any more with the way CCP approaches changes - the equation just doesn’t work vs playing other games - but I still login from time to time as an alpha, catch up with old friends/acquaintances, occasional do a roam, check out the new stuff. A couple of times I’ve used up some of my remaining PLEX and assets to get in on some capital shenanigans.

The ganking thread is a cluster **** of assumptions and taking random bits of information out of context willingly - I suspect 1-2 of them are alts of people who are still salty about interactions back when I properly played.

I loved mining in battleships and with my scythe back when I first started. It was fun to laugh at a mining typhoon. Good Times.

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