Something I'd like to see

It may be kind of pointless, but I’d like to see mining crystals that don’t degrade, that do nothing but change the color of the beam to whatever the user wants.

Carebears are not permitted the fabulous glory of rainbow lazorz only the mighty amarrian battleship captains blessed by the might of god. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk: :smiling_imp:


If only they didn’t sound like wet noodles.

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EVE has sound? :wink:


Yeah mostly spoop

Yea ofc eve has sound: :joy:


Is this the one with the screaming swearing kid voices and stuff? Hard pass this is why I always disable voice in FPS games. :stuck_out_tongue:

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had to mute some kid in a dota 2 game yesterday because of it xD Not even sure how people invest that much emotions into a game.

I think there is a quality of life thread already open if you want to chuck this idea in there.

To make it interesting why not have the beam colour change according to how much % ore is left in the rock that way when you come back from afk you can look at the beam colour and know immediately how long you can afk next time.

So if you use 255 which is rainbow (Hue) right that means when you start mining it would start on red then 50% through would be the blue’s then when you see it going yellow/orange you know the rock is almost finished.


They don’t invest anything, that is their natural state of being. Also speaking of emotional behaviour…


Hotdamn you’re a genius!


so true, made me weak at the knees after reading

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LOL Nice!

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Personally I’d like to see a game worth subbing to again…



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Because they are emotionally stunted and unable to manage their own emotions, expecting everyone else to do it for them (like their parents, who are not doing them any favors every time they sooth their little baby-boo-baa when they have a meltdown and give in to whatever demand the kid is making)


Yes it does. It’s there to wake you up when you’ve fallen asleep and are being ganked. You don’t want to miss how CCP dresses your corpse, right?

And if you are running hauling missions on three toons, alt tabbing between them, it tells you when one of them has jumped a gate.

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