Something is broken in the suspect looting mechanics

So this is the second time this happened, first time i gave it leeway that it might’ve been lag, but this is definitely not lag as i’ve found out.

The case is this: i looted someone’s wreck after a duel with said person, he blew up, and i looted it, there should be no problem beyond that, because the wreck should turn white and become free to loot to me. But it didnt turn white, it was yellow, and it kept its yellow marking. and upon looting it i went and got a suspect timer, immidiately getting shot at from multiple ships. my VNI survived this incident, however it still leaves me wondering. Did the mechanics change ? is there something broken in the game ? ive encountered it twice and the first time i didnt loot it becaue i didnt feel like taking chances of losing a ship to a bug.

I do hope i can get some more information. As i sure as hell ain’t gonna try this again, and itd be a shame to loose out on loot to lootwhores cuz you cant loot something you rightfully killed without being shot at by everyone and their grandmom.

Were you definitely the final blow on the kill? (You received the killmail?)

I’m more concerned with this fit

yes i did.

Final blow is meaningless, were you the one doing top damage? Maybe the other won a couple duels before, or received damage from others and repped up again before your duel.

I think you can see to whom the wreck belongs by show info on the wreck.

NWM, then it would show on the killmail … would recommend opening a ticket for clarification. The server logs should show the truth.

I solo killed a guy during a duel. Had the same issue, could not loot the wreck due to it being yellow.

Who is top damage on the killmail?

I was the only fighter, so i got top damage and kills/

This sounds buggy to me, the wreck should stay white until the engagement ends (5min after last aggression). Would recommend to file a ticket for clarification.

At least from own experience when suspect baiting this works fine, even wrecks of some mission NPCs you shoot are white until the engagement ends. So I now think the whole top damage logic is not applied here at all.

I have had this happen when setting a wager on the duel vs not.

if you set a wager for the duel, when the duel ends the wreck is not white for the winner. Its weird.

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