Sooo...about that chat service

How does it feel to provide a malfunctioning service for 3 days in a row? Oh, wait… silly me. It’s not your fault, because in your utmost clarity you decided to offload the chat service to a third party. Kinda like asking bombers bar to do your job. But to their defence, at least they try to deliver…


the only way to fix the chat is to close your game and reopen so it reconnects… something is defo b0rked

Chat is not broken. We are just experiencing the new “Troll and Spam Control” option. CCP should have it working before they are declared defunct and reemerge as “Pearl Abyss Icelandic Studios”. Meanwhile enjoy the preview!

do they outsource that now?

i keep hearing more and more pathetic things.

the good old ccp would’ve fixed this in a matter of hours.

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Maybe new ccp should try unplugging it then plugging it in again. :thinking:

:upside_down_face: :psyccp: :smirk:

It’s only three days. Other companies can get away with it for months! Give CCP a break :smile:

Eve is just comical at this point. But hey… at least we can still use the store.

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at the price that ppl pay for omega and all the packs there should be a team working all the time to get it fixed asap on the 20 birthday aswell

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What chat service?

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live a little on this comical side…

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No its not outsourced, there is confusion between the chat server being located on the same cluster as the game like it used to be and now being hosted external to the game server like it is now, its still CCP operated its just hosted outside of the main cluster to offload some of that processing

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Good luck, I tried to explain this to someone this morning and got told I had no idea what I was on about and that no one does cloud computing anymore. :slight_smile:

Back when the chat was working, I have seen “better” chat in other games. I know Pearl Abyss owns CCP and thus indirectly owns the game. I am amazed they didn’t insist upon making the chat here more like Black Desert. I am not saying Black Desert is perfect game chat, but it seems very reliable, and you can find channels you need.

Some games outsourced their game chat using XMMP servers and that was a huge mistake in my opinion. Spammers find it out, and they use XMMP clients to spam the chat without having to download the game. The best way is to have in house chat servers with proprietary software.

I am starting to question; How many people and reindeer are working on the chat issue?

Since we have a official Thread here: 2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues this one should be obsolete.

I don’t dislike jita being empty.
But I can’t even join a channel or talk to myself.

Talking to yourself is okay, it’s when you answer that you’re in trouble.