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Just out of interest, how is the value of a character calculated for these sales? Is there a value per skill point etc? How much do the skills matter eg is 40mil in science skills less valuable than in combat skills or capital ships?

I’m curious how much a 260m sp char is worth.

Generally speaking it is based on their extraction value. Sometimes (but vary rarely) Implants, Skins, Standings, etc. play into the pricing. But 90% of people here buying, are trying to farm SP cheaply.

If it was a lower SP character 100% focused it can go for closer to 1B : 1M sp assuming a non-sp farmer is interested/looking for that. IE Focused Rorqual, Marauder, Ishtar, etc.

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For a 260 m character, the extraction value is somewhere around 210 B I guess

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plus the price of books. 220b is doable.

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Very interesting thank you all, I had failed to account for extraction being so prevalent and was naively looking at it as a flat time to value ratio. It has raised many more questions but I assume this is why the argument over the addition of skill extractors to the game is ongoing.

For the sake of selling though, It’s fair to say that one includes anything that might add value then. So you list implants, standings, specialties etc if they are desirable. One also assumes the character is stripped of ships/assets and wallet isk pre sale?

Correct any asset that is sellable can not be included in the price. So you might as well sell/transfer it to another character (if you can). Generally speaking implants are the only one that matters towards pricing IMO. Its rare if someone cares enough to increase their offer for skins. Obviously if you have a collection or a bunch of high end/rare skins, maybe. Regardless your not gonna get like Jita Sell/Buy value of the skins added to your character price.

Implants generally also only matter if they are in HS too fyi.

IMO generally speaking, its completely up to if someone is interested that isn’t an SP farmer. For being a high SP character its already going to be rare for someone to have the funds and who also wants/needs another character.

Edit: Also there’s been someone looking for a higher sp character for the last few weeks. I’d start there, not sure if he wants the Science SP though. They have WTB thread.

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