Would you buy your own character face value based on current SP?

I had been looking over on part of the forum where characters are bought and sold and the question came to mind, would I pay x amount of isk for my character if I was searching for a character of same level of skills,

I see the bids go for some crazy high amounts for characters then wanted to ask what makes a character real value?

Is it age or rep standing or the skill tree path?


If someone offered to sell me Solonius Rex for only 100 million isk, I would buy him instantly.

If they sold it to me for 1 trillion ISK, i would say no thank you. Too expensive.

It all depends on the price.

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Hmm is that due to skill points learn’t more than agent reputation standings or is there something else that makes your character make you feel that way?

With me I feel that I had hit a milestone and sort of deciding on creating another just like this one.

Basic price is the extraction value. Added value for focus, low corp history, decent name, skins, implants, etc.

At the end of the day, though, the character is worth exactly as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

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So history also plays a deciding factor like where that character had been and with who the character had interacted with?

the value is the SP the char has … the rest is not interessting at all

so if you sell a 50 million SP char
you can extract 45 million SP … 5 million will stay in the char
45 million SP are 90 skillinjectors … one is a billion at the moment … a skill extractor is arround 50% … so your prifit is arround 40 to 45 billions … here we go … thats the price you pay …


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If I didnt have her, Id have no isk


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That is not true for every character though. This calculation is the bottom line…the minimum value. Certain factors such as high specialization or extremely high sp values can lead to higher price.

But as a base value of the sp, the calculation seems correct

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well anything else is cheap stuff … implants … even expensive ones are cheap … assets are not sold with the char in most cases …

most who buy a character are just caculation skillpoints in isk … since skilltrade is a thing … befor it was different

i bought a character once … arround 5 mill sp … its a nice PI char … the char has a ton of skillbooks injected but all SPs are gone … he left PI skills for me in … thats what i was looking for …
so yea some buy chars for different reasons but the high sp chars are for extraction …


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How about the amount of time it takes to unlock level 4 agent missions across a number of npc corps?

I know one (way that is ) corp / agent can be focused on with the booster and skills to shorten the amount of time to grind out those.

Is there a spreadsheet somewhere that data is entered about the character to offer such outside of just counting the number of injector/extractor worth?

If not, was sort of contemplating about putting something together based on the feedback given here.

I know I am silly yes, but were you signing yours? I liked cause it made me chuckle.

That can be a deciding factor too, yes. But most people dont really care about agent standings. They only care about the amount of SP you have and which skills you trained into.

This is because people who buy characters over the market aren’t looking for an L4 mission runner. Most people are looking for a good startup toon for things like super ratting or rorqual mining.

You’re free to put one together, but its meaningless. People will pay what they think a character is worth. It’s all about what value they ascribe to, and nothing to do with an actual value on things like standings, which you really can’t put a value on.

If you’re looking for an L4 mission runner, you may be willing to pay more for a lower SP char who has standings than someone who is buying an SP farming character and doesnt care about standings.

As I said before, it’s up to the player to put a price he or she thinks is best.

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If you get a buyer who is just going to strip the SP then nothing else matters, if you get a buyer who plans on playing the char all sorts of things can add value.

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I fail to understand the appeal of second hand bodies in general.

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Creating the chars is part of the fun.

Though the slider only goes so far to the right for creating that overweight character style and then after turning the character to the side view you can notice he still has that flat stomach.

You can’t create a guy with a fat gut any more than you can create a female with no boobs.

There are naturally limitations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hell no, i’d be way too expensive.

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