Space debris

Why is there no dangerous space debris in EVE online? All this destruction over time is bound to have created some sort of hazard? Why not give every ship in high sec a random chance of taking damage around for example stargates from hitting space debris? I also wonder if this kind of damage should penetrate shields. And that also makes me wonder if weapons should be introduced that bypass shields. So long shield tankers. Nice knowing you. Actually these weapons could be extremely heavy and reduce the armor significantly of anyone who fits them. This sort of evens the playing field. “I sacrifice my armor in order to bypass your shield” whoa that was a bit of rant. Please dont respond.

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The same reason why we don’t have collision damage in EVE. The servers would melt if we had shreds of steel and so on floating everywhere doing “damage” to our ships.

Yah pretty much. :joy: I love using shields. I am a shield enthusiast and I hate armor ships/pilots. The superiority of the Caldari State will crush all who use armor fitted ships! If I, it was possible I would buy ships with 0/0 armor as I hate armor that much.

But for real this would melt the servers and just be an annoyance.

Please hear me out. It doesent have to be anything fancy. It can just be a random damage event near a stargate. Dont have to actually put in space debris floating around with collision detection and what not. The game just picks a random capsuleer near a stargate and incurs a significant amount of damage in one volley. And the message in the log can be “Space debris hits you for x”. Players are going to be so angry getting damaged randomly and there is nothing they can do about it. But, this is why a new type of fitting slot should probably be introduced. And in this you can fit a “guidance computer” or some such that lowers or even completely negates the risk of taking damage from “Space debris” in high sec. You know i wouldnt want to be that guy that is flying low on armor and maybe structure and then getting really unlucky and hitting space debris and the ship blows up. Imagine if it was a Raven or something returning from battle and barely making it and then boom, space debris gods got you. Im not doing the idea justice. Or maybe its just silly. Maybe both. Dont respond.


I love you.

Lighten the ■■■■ up already …

They’re threads talking about serious stuff :rofl:

Yah we all know this is probably just a silly off the cuff thought and done by a forum alt. But you know what, I find humor in it. Almost like a child wondering about the state of the world. We as adults really lose that wonder we have in the world as we grow up and get busy with life/job. It’s just nice to sit and think about the fine details of life.

I was exactly like this when I started EVE. Always wondered how the capacitor of the ship works. Do our ships have crews? Who works on our PI buildings!? Are we always in our pods? Why can’t we have solar power on our citadels. Don’t ships here need fuel!? (So many more silly thoughts like this)

I have thought about a lot of these silly questions/concepts at some point or another. Please don’t answer any of that on what I asked above. :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:

There are debris fields on some missions, but they work exactly like radiation clouds, but I haven’t seen anything looks this outside specific missions.

—Gadget doesn’t want to pay to buff out the space dings

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Why do people always single out ‘High Sec’?

Most debris clouds would actually be in Null Sec space where thousands and thousands of ships have been destroyed.


The “debris” is affecting your ships. The hull accumulates dirt:


I didnt understand that blog post :slight_smile: Sorry. I did give it a try.

I saw “Debris” on the overview when jumping today. It got me excited. But i didnt check it out further. However, it would be cool if “Debris” spawned near some stargates every now and then. And they would damage random players. They are basically a hostile turret to everyone. But thats besides the point.

It could have alot of HP, and you could damage it. But it would take a while to kill it. But it had a bounty :slight_smile: And the more damage you did to it the bigger portion of the bounty you got :slight_smile: This creates a little minigame around stargates. Could be fun discovering space debris. Its basically a defenseless rat (except for the random damage it causes to random players passing by) but it takes a while to kill and if you do, smaller debris spawn. wow

You could also simply make it a “structure” that you reported to CONCORD or whatever who cleans it up. So the first one to report space debris gets a small bounty as a thank you. And then cleanup crew will arive and next downtime its gone. And maybe you wont get your reward until then. Maybe it should just reward anyone who reported it. But then the reward shouldnt be too high. Or maybe it should just happen in real time. You report space debris and concord or whatever shows up and begins the cleanup. Maybe it drops some random wrecks that can be salvaged. There are many ways to do this just to spice travel up ever so slightly.

One interesting thing close to that, is gas clouds generated by Mercoxit mining, that are dangerous, but not debris…

It can be easily explained by gas’ massive volume and concentration chemically corroding ships’ hull while debris just bumps off of it :thinking:

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