Space jumps

(Brodie Fox) #1

Hey guys. I have to make thirty three jumps soon to get to a Corp I joined but it goes through some dangerous areas to get there. Is it safe to just put it on AP and go afk or is there another way to do this?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

AP in High Sec is already pretty suicidal, in Low Sec its just your ship begging to end its life.

(Brodie Fox) #3

So I have be at keyboard for all thirty three jumps? Isn’t that a long time?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

It actually takes a much longer time to be Away from the keyboard. If you got stuff to do sure, but if you are going through Low Sec then best to stay on the keyboard, you already risk having someone sitting on the other side in Low Sec waiting for someone to decloak and warp disrupt you.

Trust me when I say this, regardless of the ship (but most frequently haulers and miners) gankers will bump your ship in High Sec and keep you from warping or jumping because you are far from the gate, next thing you know 10 or more people show up (or just one guy that multiboxes them all) and kills you. You jump the next gate manually you land right on top of it, auto pilot lands 15km away from it, which is why it takes longer than manual piloting. And in Low Sec nothing stops them from killing you, everybody wants a kill.

Don’t ever touch the A button in Low Sec and only use the A button if you have stuff to do away from the keyboard and are in High Sec and don’t have anything valuable/flying something you can afford to loose. The time you are in a warp is enough to alt-tab to youtube or something if you have your game on window mode.

(Brodie Fox) #5

Ok thank you. I won’t auto pilot but do u have any idea of how long all those jumps would take?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6

Depends on the ship you are flying. Ships have different Warp speeds. Auto Piloting a Freighter is a nightmare for instance, slow warp speed and slow speed in general, a shuttle wouldn’t be so much, its fast and agile. You also have the factor that in different systems the jump gates are in different distances, which also change position every now and then I think (at least the asteroids do, sometimes my miner can’t go to belt 1 in one go, but another time it can on the same belt while turning another direction)

(Brodie Fox) #7

Ok thank you. I’ll keep myself from blowing up. Wish me luck

(Arcanith Lionheart) #8

It’s alright if it blows up, we learn with mistakes and with ships being blown up afterall, just not anything you cannot afford to loose, only when you are confident enough. If possible, see if you can ask your Corp to help out scouting the Low Sec systems to ensure your safety.

Fly safe o7

(Boldly Gone) #9

Ask your new corpmates if anyone would like or help to transport your stuff all at once, some even enjoy hauling things through space.
Also think about selling stuff - you won’t need everything you ever looted in your new home, and perhaps it’s easier to buy a new venture than carrying all ventures you have from the career agents.
My favorite long range “hauler” is an Imicus (Frigate) with expanded cargohold - quick, small, thus hard to catch and looking harmless.
Jumping: follow the yellow brick road, it’s one click per jump. You can read mail or chat or check market details or check your skillplan, and everytime you’ve heard the jump sound, you can click “jump” to the next yellow entry in the overview (“yellow brick”) or next little square in you navigation pane. Until you’re in Lowsec: there you should have a look at every gate (“flashing” players? Threats?) and into the local chat (how many dudes are around, are they dangerous?).

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