Space Puppy or Kitten?

Since NASA is able to breed mice from frozen mousen reproductive fluids, I’m certain NASA could freeze dog and cat reproductive fluid and store it on the I.S.S. A year later the reproductive fluid is returned to Earth where the fluid is used to breed Space Puppies and Space Kittens with.

What do you think the cost of a Space Puppy or Space Kitten should be?

With almost everyone wanting one, I think $50 for a Space Pup and $40 for a Space Kitten sounds fair.

…and now I am thinking of the weight and launch cost of sending dog and cat jizz to space, then return it to Earth… but given the prices of ordinary breed dogs and cats, I guess space puppies and kitten would be in the 5 digits just for the novelty, and eventually settling around 4 digits. And then someone would be selling knock-off “space puppies” made with 0.1% of “space jizz” intermixed with ordinary insemination stuff, for a fraction of a legit “space puppy”. And then the EU would make a regulation on how much “space sperms” must be in a insemination mix for it be considered “space puppy semen” while the UK wrote a softer regulation just for the sake of allowing British knock-offs get a larger share of the space puppy industry… and business as usual.


I’d buy a space kitten for a grand, no more. Unless it comes with its own spacesuit, then maybe another grand added.


Show quality breed kitten are in the 1,000-3,000 $ range, with top breed quality (potential show winners) being as much as 15,000 $ for some breeds. If people pay this for kittens perfect enough to contend at shows, imagine the worth of a kitten from space. Specially if, say, fecundation was carried out in vitro while in space then implanted to cats back on Earth so the kitten where literally from space…

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I’d only pay that much for a horse and my price above was according to how much I would pay so the reply you quoted was a mistake on my part. Thank you, let me try again.

I think the price should be around a million dollars for a space cat and 3 million dollars for a space puppy.

That is correct. A truly exotic space pet created in space and born on Earth. Could the same thing have happened to humans Yiole?

I wouldn’t want kids who didn’t have much money to be left out though. The bare minimum would be $100 for a space kitten or space puppy.

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