Space Rock Express

Space Rock Express

We specialize in hauling your hard earned ore from your station to the market of your choosing.

Message for more info.


  1. Why should I choose you over RFF or PushX?
  2. What type of ships do you fly?
  3. How long have you been in operation for?
  4. Are you paying any type of tax to a cartel?
  5. How many pilots do you have?
  6. Limits on collateral?

Message in game for more info. Thank you.

We are just starting out so limits on collateral are around 100 mil but that will be changing soon we have a small number of pilots with the ability to outsource but only if needed. Unlike RFF or pushx we specialize in moving ore for miners

Ore or items it doesn’t matter, its all the same your charging per unite of m3. There no special considerations needed for ore or other valuables. So the messaging marketing there might need work.

Really your a small corp trying to build an identity as a haulers with no real differencing features other than I am not Big service A and I am not Big Service B support your local mom and pops corp.

Not charging by the m3 like others it’s by jump.

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