Space the fianl frontere,

(Alexzander Philip Starwalker) #1

Hello fellow capsular.

well with al fuser banks on full or stun, i was hoping if there is a place for general discussion if the account second application for the IPhone or tablet will be a fix or will need special assistance needed,

Oh just a giggle( please some one fix the replicator. there are tribbles in my coffee and chicken sandwich, )) hhehhee,

(Scipio Artelius) #2

I’m lost for words.

I don’t know whether ESL or drugs…maybe both.

(Billy McCandless) #3

Halo spase frend
Mi nam is billeh and eye see yore interaastsed in playin EeF on a secund devis. May eye say thart it wood bee very hard to sea the littel numbers in the sprrayedsheets if it were on a fone or tabloid? also appels are good fore keeping the duckter awae butt knot so good fore playin spaseship games on. Also wen you get trumbles in yore cofeve and chuckin sammige then theur is eethur a mulfanction in yore replycator neer the flarx cupholder or you need more replycator rasshuns.

(Uriel the Flame) #4

I suspect his universal translator is broken or set to mistranslation mode. :smile:

(Zyal Oskold) #5

If you send me all of your ISK I will double it

(DeMichael Crimson) #6

Probably best to submit a Support Ticket and contact CCP about it.

(Arthur Aihaken) #7

I’m going with drugs for $400 Alex.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #8

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

–Communications Officer Gadget

(Arthur Aihaken) #9

“Shaka, when the walls fell.”

(ISD Buldath) #10

(ISD Buldath) #11

Dont Drink and Forum, folks. Closed.