Speakers "Buzz" when EVE is in windowed mode

When running any number of clients in windowed mode I get a horrible static buzz through my speakers. It’s definitely eve specific, there is no issue with any other app in windowed mode. I have found very old posts with a similar complaint that date back over 10 years but no mentions of fixes, has anyone got any tips - this is driving me crazy, (I can’t always use headphones as I have to keep an ear out for phone calls / kids waking up etc)

Signal chain:

PC -> USB PreSonus AudioBox -> Technics amp (below desk) -> JBL Control 1 monitors

(There is no “buzz” in any other app, including Cubase 10. All Mic cabling to the Presonus interface is Balanced shielded XLR and the problem is there irrelevant of mics being live or not. There is no ground hum or buzz apparent on anything else on the same mains ring)

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