Special Medals for those who are Doctors and Nurses

In this time of trouble it would be nice to recognise those who are saving our lives in the real world.
I would like a CCP awarded medal for those who are Doctors and nurses and who are spending lots of hours saving peoples lives in the real world.
I think the Eve community should show their thanks.

Now as with all things Eve there is going to be some bugger who wants the medal who is not a doctor but I am sure we can establish a method of identifying the Doctors and nurses (as you know your corp mates don’t you) and then being able to award them.
I know there is a Corp medal scheme and I am in the process of doing something internally in my corp but I think this should be a global thank you from the Entire Eve community.

If this post gets trolled then good grief. Anyway please provide constructive feedback to this post so that we can have a super medal for those that deserve it and one that is recognised by all for what they are.

Suggestions please?


While I have no beef with doctors & nurses and their hard work,
Your idea leaves out every other essential worker, many of whom are working under worse conditions and far worse pay.
And by the time we include every essential worker, it starts to become a little meaningless to award a medal potentially.

In short, I don’t think this is a great idea.


What is the suggestion for identifying what professions are worthy of a medal and then how do we authenticate applicants?

Fast food workers are the real heroes.


ya, that’s like pretty dumb.

No, just no.

No real life things in EVE.

No medals, no memorials.


Can’t we have a place where we can escape RL?

I’d personally rather keep real life separate from Eve, but it is a nice sentiment. So, do we really need to crap all over it like he’s asking for PvP to be made optional or something.

You think doctors and nurses would give a ■■■■ about some spaceship video game medal right now?

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