PLEX FOR GOOD Player Donation Awards

Is it possible that CCP could create medals (like corps do for players) and award them for donating to PLEX For Good causes?

Possibly different awards based on Donated amount.

A new design commemorating each cause cause would be very cool.

I would also like to promote some sort of way to express those. By a Link on the character Info page perhaps? Symbol on portrait? Maybe an actual way to wear them on the portrait avatar?

Thanks and keep up the good work

This would encourage political donation shaming and bullying. No.

One thing Eve does not need is more institutionalised bullying.


Not sure how ‘political’ it would be since its PLEX for ‘Good’ (as in good causes , usually classed as disasters. And not Plex for Good ‘Policies’).

I think the player base has shown historically - that they come together for these causes - putting aside such petty things.

Even so, if it did happen, a simple DB script can remove them.

I think we seen recently the amount of demands and temper tantrums of forum posts demanding persecution and “collective punishment” of Russian gamers, for simply being Russian.

No to this, it will encourage and institutionalise more political shaming and bullying.

Then there will be those that will go after those that don’t have it on their profile and bully them, Russian or not.

It CCP wants to divide the player base even more, this is how to do it.

If we go down this road, watch the player base drop even more.

CCP and the CSM have a history of allowing encouraging people to kill themselves by ingame bullying (see Replacing the CSM with another model? - #93 by Emotional_Support_Clown).

We do not need more toxicity being added to the game.

It is a game, it is not a political campaign tool. It is not a tool of population control. It is to be a “fun”, “distraction”, “coming together”.

No. No. No.

I understand the current political climate. I also try to not let it influence my decisions on right and wrong when supporting people who are suffering.

Regardless of that: This feature request has Nothing to do with anything that is happening in or out of the game at this moment. It is not a way to show support to one side or the other, it is allow people to show their support for a good cause. A small thank you.

It is highly unlikely that IF CCP decided to implement such a thing that it could be done BEFORE the current Plex Drive is complete.

And if It was not clear from my first post The medals would not be issued DURING a drive but AFTER. Considering multiple donations from the same person or corp it would be silly to do it before it expired.

AND CCP can decide to give them out for each cause or not if they decided some cause are too politically charged.

I hear you. you have made your objection clear, but I would ask you not to turn this thread into a political discussion and get it shut down.


For more Epeen? but now tied to RL?

This move would be like those Christians that think they are better than others when they can put more money in the plate then the person next to them…then be hypocritical outside of their church belitting those others.


Hell no, we dont need this…
your Award should be knowing that you did it, without the public display.

Your entire suggestion is a political feature, and a divisive one at that.

The only mistake I made was suggesting it in an environment chock full of knee jerk reactioinists.

If the current P4G was for disaster relief for some natural disaster in a poor country your complaints would be even more silly. I did not propose this because of the current P4G campaign. But you can believe what you want.

I still say the majority of players are better than some in their ability to be mature about it. But if you and others can not rise above your petty emotional triggers and let go of your desire to taint the game with outside politics that is fine, I will just propose this at a later date.

Your suggestion is “outside politics” putting “taint” on the game.

It is you that is bringing outside politics into the game with this suggestion.

It all started with facemasks politics as NES vanity items, now we have demands for award badges for outside politics. The road down the taint highway of outside politics coming into the game has already begun. Who know what comes next. Slippery slope is already here.

Will the people who don’t have this badge on their profile be the untermenschen? Perhaps like those that don’t have the facemask on their character avatar? This stuff is real life politics, it will destroy the game.

Is Eve’s mission to be the nastiest, most hostile and most divisive game on the planet?

It will have the same divisive outside politics taint no matter when you propose it.

Its kinda hard to claim I brought politics into the discussion when a simple read shows you are the one who did. The fact that you can’t see that says all that needs to be said. Thanks for your time.


I suggest reading your OP again. It is clearly a political feature request.

can you point to the exact words or phrase that support that?

Yes, here ☞🡺 PLEX FOR GOOD Player Donation Awards

I would point out that not a single word or the phrase itself has a single word that denotes politics OR even hints at it as a whole.

So I assume you think donating to a worthy cause to help people in need is ‘political’ then?

That’s not what you’re asking for, you’re asking for badges, awards and based on amount donated and those being visible in the game. It is also a very political cause. It is divisive, the fact there is disagreement on this topic and forum hate threads calling for persecution and collective punishment just for existing being created shows clearly it is divisive and political.

What you are asking for will enflame that further.

It will turn Eve into a political podium.

What will you get out of it? The feeling you’re “better” than somebody else? That’s all there is to get out of it. That means somebody will be made feel “lower” than you morally.

That is not the game we want is it?

Last time in history we had visible badges to segregate, it didn’t end well.

In b4 corps start selecting/kicking players based on badge award status.

quod erat demonstrandum

That is not what I was asking for? it is exactly what I was asking for, and what your arguments are clearly not in favor of.

Yes I put forward ADDITIONAL expansions that I think could be argued for and against by players. Personally I would not be in favor of the Amount feature, I even took it out. But put it back in because I wanted to find out what others thought on it. And while u did say you were against that, and that is fine. All your later comments were on the base concept itself not those additional issues. And Once again you were doing so by - bringing in outside topics that really are not germane to what I brought up. yes they are possibly timely NOW, but will not be in the future by the time time this could possibly be in game.

I also thought that when someone has a corp award and they are proud of it they should have some way to put it up front for people to see. That is a personal decision.

And I you were familiar with how these things work you would understand that Player ideas rarely get implemented as suggested and have to go through many possible changes taking in to account many concerns, possible even the ones you mentioned. In many cases just part of it makes it through the process. Such as minor suggestion that making a player picked award as part of the front page in the info window could be.

But to be clear other than YOU Labeling the whole thing as political - you can not show that I was doing so. It is all about your opinion so far. While you are vocal enough for 20 people, you are still only ONE person and so far this thread has been only about you and your opinions, and probably destroyed any ability for it to garner unbiased comments as well. let it rest and let others from other sides weigh in as well.

That was never my intention I have had this thought for a long time, and while it is true the current campaign reminded me of that, it has nothing to do with WHY I am doing it. I dont see your position as a common one, I suspect its in the low minority. But in any case like I said it probably better I do this after the current campaign when it is used for a natural disaster or similar cause. Lets see how you calling it political - like you said you would - goes over then.


What colours would you like your badges in?

What shape would you like your badges in?

What do you want written on them?

You clearly want politics brought into the game world.

You want to “label” players based on real world politics participation in them or not.

After this, what’s your next political endeavour?

Why stop there? Nation flags (except the ones you hate?) on ship skins like ED (bet they regret that now)?

Let me put it this way OP…

A Badge/Medal implemented by CCP in game…to tell others publicly what i did or did not do for RL considerations…

Is nobody’s Business but my own.
If you want such a thing, create a corp that gives out Corp decorations for such things.

And you got a mask for donating last year

Charity donations should be a private matter, just like voting in elections, for the same reasons.

Moral exhibionism (and its darker side, shaming and bullying, aka persecution) has no place in Eve imo, for the reasons I have made clear previously.

And people wonder why the active player numbers are dropping.