Speculation on the End of Days, Salvation and World Arks

As noted elsewhere, I have been reading the Amarr Scriptures recently and came across this passage which I wish to discuss at this juncture:

“At the end of days when they descend
Watch for the coming of the Ark
For within it, salvation is carried”
The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 32:6

I am not a theological expert not do I pretend to know anywhere near as much as I wish to about the Amarr faith but I feel this needs further discussions.

First of all, "At the end of days when they descend."

Many here have heard of the Prophecy of Macaper and philosophers seem to be in agreement that we have past through the majority of the Seven Events of the Apocalypse. For those that do not know, I shall detail them in brief below.

  1. The cosmetic kiss of the comets. Two comets collided in Caldari space in YC105 creating space debris but not hindering nearby planets.
  2. The exact text of the second event is not recorded, but it is related to weeks of torrential rain and flooding. Fricoure experienced mass flooding and heavy rain for weeks in YC 105
  3. Roaring stone that silences the world. In YC 105 Rumida was hit by a massive asteroid that killed many and left majority of the planet’s dwellers deafened by the intense sound of the asteroid’s impact.
  4. The appetite of nothing expands over the world. Sansha’s incursions set his empty hivemind slaves loose across New Eden.
  5. The little brother makes the final sorrowful steps home; he is not welcome. The speculation is that this is linked to Caroline’s Star and the emergence of the Drifters.
  6. What was many now becomes one when one becomes four.
  7. Return of the dark light from the heart of the mother.

It is clear, therefore, that we are closing in on the End of Days. Let us move onto the second line of the passage: Watch for the coming of the Ark.

In my past life as an Agent of the New Order, I was part of an elite team that would enforce Code violations in Triglavian invasion sites. I have seen many time the Xordazh-class ‘World Ark’ that they have released into the world but always remove from grid before they’re destroyed. The second line of the passage, therefore, suggests that we may be a lot closer than we think to the End.

The third line of the passage states that “For within it [the Ark], salvation is carried”. Imagine if Prophecy 6 has already come true but we have not discovered it yet. Could we be awaiting the return of the dark light from the heart of the mother? ‘The mother’, perhaps, is referring to a ‘mothership’ - an accurate description of the World Ark - but what is the ‘dark light’ that will lead to our salvation?

I have a few theories which I would like to share. If I have completely misunderstood or am misinformed in any of my musings, please let me know so I can be corrected. However, I fear that, unless we discover what the sixth prophecy pertained to, we will be missing a key piece of information to be basing any of this on. With that said:

Theory One - the Triglavians themselves

There is another scriptural extract I would like to discuss:

“Our Lord visited his flock and saw that all was not good.
Blasphemy and heresy ruled the land.
The Lord punished the sinners and drowned them in their own blood.
But the people of Amarr lived righteously and in fear of God.
Thus they were saved and became God’s chosen.”
The Scriptures, Book II 2:1

Could the Triglavians be the punishment metered from God for those that do not live righteously? Are they the weapons of Salvation? A ‘dark’ deliverance of God’s ‘light’?

It seems unlikely to me as the Triglavians seem to have targeted Amarr space over all others and that the Triglavians have not been attempting to kill with most reports suggesting that they are seeking intelligence over vengeance.

Theory Two - An Energy Source

When the Triglavians were communicating with capsuleers and leaking details of the construction of the World Ark, there was a ‘dark light’ at the heart of the ship - a ball of what is speculated to be singulairty-based energy powering it. Should the Amarr get access to that energy source, could it be enough to lead them to overwhelming power and lead to a second Reclaiming?

Theory Three - Isogen 10

Triglavian ships use Isogen 10 in their construction and, therefore, is at the ‘heart’ of the World Arks. We have seen the power of Isogen 5 but we do not know the full extent of what Isogen 10 can do or why it is so important to the Triglavians. Again, a ‘gift from God’ of a material that could bring about a new Reclaiming could be considered as Salvation for the rest of New Eden.

I apologise that this is somewhat stream of consciousness and somewhat speculation but to present my thoughts in a more formalised way would suggest I have greater knowledge than my novice status would belie. If anyone has any better suggestions based on their superior knowledge of Amarr Scriptures, The Prophecy of Macaper or the Triglavians, please let me know. Similarly, if anyone with such knowledge believes I could be on to something, I would welcome more advice, support or whatever can be offered to help me research this further.


Yes. The Triglavian demons are a punishment from God for our sins of fornication and abolitionism (that is, abolition of slavery).

The demonic World Arks are not the true Ark but a false Ark sent by Molok the Deceiver that might fool the very elect. Such is the nature of the End Times.

And you know it because?..

This is not the End of Days. Macaper is just people fitting random events to a pattern that has nothing to do with them.

  1. The Cosmetic Kiss of the Comets: there was nothing cosmetic about the collision. The comets were obliterated. If a slaver hound kills a furrier, that doesn’t hinder nearby capsuleers, but it’s not ‘cosmetic’. The furrier’s dead! The comets were destroyed. Not cosmetic.
  2. 'We don’t know what it actually said despite all this coming from a book Macaper published, but we can claim it had something to do with weeks of rain and oh look! One planet, over a hundred years later, experienced a weather anomaly that meteorologists had no trouble explaining. Gosh.
  3. Again, a random planet has a totally normal asteroid impact.

And from there, it’s even more vague. In the New Eden Cluster, there are 44,195 planets orbiting stars with jump gates (there are more planets, orbiting more stars, but jump gates require a binary system, and so we do not have access to solo or trinary systems. Every star system capsuleers have access to in New Eden is a binary. We simply only have gates within the AoI of one of the stars in that system). If we include j-space (because as soon as something happens there that someone thinks fits, we will), it goes up to 65,949 planets. A prophecy that cherry picks 7 events over 45,000-66,000 worlds? C’mon.

Your brain is a pattern-matching engine. Its entire architecture and function is centered on pattern-recognition and anticipation. Human beings will find patterns when we look for them, even if none exist. It’s what we’re wired to do.



Maybe 'cuz they have more highsec systems than anyone else?

I mean, if you throw darts randomly at the wall, statistically you’re gonna hit the wall more often than you hit the door. Any truly random process is highly likely to produce the most probable result most often.

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That was meant to be my point but I presume it didn’t come across well. If they were the salvation of the Amarr, they wouldn’t be attacking randomly therefore they would be attacking the Amarr less proportionally than the other Empires.

I hope this brings clarity.

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He fervently believes it to be the case. If the Triglavians actually have someone named Molok in a position of power we are never going to hear the end of it.

And yet, even when I know this to be the case, I still feel ill at ease whenever someone brings up the prophecy in question. There’s always a little voice in the back of my head telling me that these coincidences are piling up just a little too neatly, and it gives me goosebumps.

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Some call this the age of Chaos. Others deduce this to be the beginning of the age of darkness putting back civilization and order to a point of barbarism. While many lean on the texts of old. Many go to the prophecies of wise men and deduce their meanings. Those are learned individuals far wiser and educated than I can say so of myself.

Markets are crashing in some regions. Some regions economic industry has started to grind to a half. Pilots of New Eden many cower in stations and planets waiting out the darkness like some damnable boogieman. People are afraid of what they do not know and can not predict. So what can I say?

I know of only one truth. That even in the black there is still light. Even in darkness there are torch bearers. Even in the chaos there are Paladins holding order. Empires may fall and demons may very well come to this realm. However, Providence will endure as it is immortal. I do not begin to try to explain what is happening to our world. There is only one certainty that I know will happen. The Providence Marches will endure.

For God truly loves the Amarr people and our faith. For we will be saved. We will be saved by god through our faith. By our faith we will make actions. By our actions we will gain knowledge. By our knowledge we will gain wisdom. By our wisdom we banish fear. If the Darkness comes for our civilization it will find hard men willing to do terrible things to preserve our Empire. We call them Wardens. Do not live in fear but hope. Come what may. We endure.

Amarr Victor.


Well, we are basically still a relatively primitive organism, spinning tales to try to explain the thing that scares us the most: the unknown.

oh stuff it.

Hey now, you don’t need to be nasty.

Just look at Provi’s ADMs and watch as they continue to collapse because those ‘hard men’ are abandoning the area in droves.

The funny thing is, I like exploring the unknown and discovering new things. That’s why I’m sad the Arek’Jalaan initiative fizzled out before I could join them, I wanted to seek out the mysteries of the cluster and learn more about the ancient civilizations that dwelled here before the First Jove Empire began!

It’s the idea there’s some apocalyptic force coming to New Eden which we may not be unable to fight off that creeps me out.

I’d prefer hard men willing to ride forth valorously, thanks. Terrible things are for when all other options have failed.

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We can fight it. If CONCORD and the empires would let us, we could turn those World Arks into slag.

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It is probably best that they don’t.

#4 of Macapers Prophecy has more to it and while you may not be wrong about the Sansha part of it, I believe that the rest of it refers to the Saline Incident and the first opening of the wormholes:
“From the formless void’s gaping maw, there springs an entity.

Not an entity such as any you can conceive of, nor I; an entity more primordial than the elements themselves, yet constantly coming into existence even as it is destroyed. It is the Child of Chaos, the Pathway to the Next.

The darkness shall swallow the land, and in its wake there will follow a storm, as the appetite of nothing expands over the world.

From the formless void’s gaping maw, there springs an entity.”

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Wait, scratch that, no I dont think it’s the Sansha, I think this is referring to “the others” from Anoikis

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