Spent 200 dollars on skills


WoW is not a 200 dollar game because it takes X months to reach level 120 and grind raids for BiS gear and legendaries. You don’t add the monthly cost of progress to the starting price. Where did you get this idea from?

It’s a subscription based game, the progress is the journey. I see there’s a weird kind of twisted logic behind what you are saying, but it’s weird and twisted all the same.

All subscription based MMOs have an element of progress over time. You don’t sit down and work out how much time and then add up the monthly sub cost and call it an X dollar game. Not for any sane reason I can think of.

It’s like buying a car for $500 and then because you have to spend £50 a month on petrol you decide call it a $1000 car after 10 months. I mean, you can look at it like … I guess … but why would you?

Seems you expect to be fully operational and capable on day 1 of your new career in an MMO. Are you new to MMOs?

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As we always used to say, the most important skill is also the one you won’t find in the skill tree.

Player skill.


I laughed way harder at this than I probably should have.

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The question is, where can I get that candy necklace.

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I know how you get a pearl necklace . . .


The secret is, its mostly Metal Scraps and T1 drones

If you want to be conpetitive with veterans immediately, play an .io game.

Why are you saying this to me and what does it mean?

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Nothing beats being #1 on Agar.io with the name “Beef Curtains”

i think spending money like you did is foolish
there is no need to do it , just play the game
you tried to buy a ticket to enlightenment…
not possible

but don’t be sad , you have a lot of things to do …
go do it

ps: dont quit

im saying this because wallet warriors tend to quit eve
you are like a 6 feet tall baby …

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It’s definitely about the destination…nobody says what a great time they had DRIVING to the whore house…

I don’t think what lovely red-lights I had to stop at to bang some herp-riddled slut in her car outside the pub…

In your analogy, I think Eve is the whore house.

Eve is more like me taking out the trash from a dive bar on the outskirts of a “Soho”, the bar that just didn’t quite make the cut in the city-make over.

Only to find a whore passed out halfway in the dumpster…do I throw away the trash? Or is she teasing, and only pretending to be helpless while fishing for a needle?

These are questions that landed me in jail dammit!

Anyway, on a real story time note

Onetime after banging my Vietnamese Girlfriend, she didn’t have a bottle opener so I pushed the cork into the wine bottle with a screwdriver and lost the head in the bottle.

I decided to break the bottle IN A DUMPSTER.

I hit it inside the dumpster so as to not splash glass everywhere, and I ■■■■ you not…loud bang, and a bum comes flying out of the trashbags in the dumpster all startled…

Obviously startling me, but more frustratingly, the damned bottle didn’t break but SOMEHOW the cork stuck with the screwdriver head flew out of the neck of the bottle and into the dumpster.

I couldn’t find the damn thing, even with the bum helping…

And that was the last time I banged that Vietnamese Girlfriend…

Lesson? ALWAYS have a godddmaned corkscrew on you.


As amusing as this was, I’m going to close it down now.

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