Spheres of Influence

So, Idea to throw at the wall while new structures are still in the works. What if…

We could have a structure in a system that generates a multi-light year sphere that inhibits capital ships from jumping threw it, in and out. Basically forcing jumping threw gates threw the sphere, but can jump within and out of the sphere. Would add new content and spice up how space is valued.

Idea for balancing ( we love to break things in EVE :wink: ) Maybe create natural occurring anomalies that these structures have to take advantage of, so that you don’t create unfair impenetrable bubbles.

I’d suggest you change the subject of your thread. This has little to do with spheres of influence, and more to do with jump drive interdiction.

That said… I’m not sure the idea has merit. There’s very few places where a border-based JD interdiction would actually impair pilots in a way that would generate content. As it stands, the only real time you want to look at taking gates is when you jumping from like M-O to Taisy.

To me it just screams of krabs wanting to be safer, forcing hostile ships to gate and thus be visible on intel channels sooner.

I’m not against making caps jump through gates if it forces fights, but it has to be for the reason of forcing fights, not making carebears safer. This idea just seems to make it harder to fight.

More to the point, anchor cyno inhibs in space you own. If you want to interdict a larger area, control a larger area.

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