[SPICE] eSpice Gaming Presents Project RMDK

Apologies for my absent, I’ve been rather busy filming my new master piece Owner of a Loveless Heart! But now it’s wrapped up I can finally announce a new game coming soontm. My fabulous team at eSpice Gaming have been code-beavering away to bring you the latest in fully immersive mining simulations. Here’s a copy/paste from eSpice Gaming to give you some tidbits;

Codename: Project RMDK will take you on a journey of discovery across the fictional planet of New Adam, mining your way to the deepest depth in search of SpiceBlock. A Rare material that you can use to craft your very own JFT!

Every line of code is for sale, so you can help our devs by purchasing your own lines to write. This will give you the edge on the competition and carve out your own Real eEstate!

I’ve been told an alpha is in the pipeline (what ever that means?), but as of this announcement, you can purchase code right now! Yup that’s right, get ahead of the game, literally! I’ve already bought a few hundred myself! If you want to add me, my gamer name is xHackerHamster360x I’m sure you’re all excited to get your teeth into my digital gaming gift, so if you have any questions, please unload on me!

As natural as they come,

Julian “xHackerHamster360x” Flavours

Creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!
Ex-Supreme Commander of Allied Love Militia Forces
A Meowstar of the Caldari Cats Production
The ‘First Doctor’ in Doctor Spice
Director and Producer of Consort and Commander and Owner of a Loveless Heart
Founder and Game Director at eSpice Gaming
Mr Federation YC124

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This is Exactly the Kind of Questionable Product that I have come to Associate with the Julian Flavours Brand.


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I love how you named an entire product line after me.

I approve.