Splintered Paradigm


TF did I just watch? The narrator sounds like he was on Quaaludes…

You watched proper skill and good PVP. The opposite of high sec F1 monkeying. :wink:

Really good video, Chessur.

Death to all super capitals and titans! They just ruin the game.

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Normally I hate watching other people EVE, but this vid kept me pretty engaged.

Good stuff.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Interesting and entertaining stuff. It’s an example and an evidence that personal player skills matters more than pilot Skill Points at some point. It’s not a trivial fleet brawl - it’s an AT combo fleet. Really, HYDRA and Kuvakei’s… I think the Tuskers are missing there :thinking:. I did some solo brawls vs Tuskers pilots with my ALT and they always have something ‘into the kit’ to surprise you (no trivial boosters)… I’m curious… What set of implants?

Interceptors are great and flexible ships. Among them, my favorite ships are: Stiletto and Claw. They can easily avoid and dodge most Drones, Missiles and all Fighters.

With greetings from Upper Venal

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