Vargur vs 14 Brave Pilot Cruiser Gang; Featuring a Special Appearance by TIKLE Carriers

A fun fight between me in a Vargur and a 14 brave pilot roaming cruiser gang. I again make plenty of mistakes, but I think the fight is a lot of fun.


Another great vid. Engaging music, and I particularly like your commentary. Gives the viewer an idea of your thought process, and it’s especially appreciated when you tell us what you felt you did wrong, and what you would do differently the next time.

Vargur Marauder is best Marauder. And it was a great fite.

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Fantastic video. As above (and I said this before on one of your other videos) the commentary makes this especially enjoyable. Have to say this one was epic and reminded me of the old Rooks and Kings videos I have been working my way through recently, has that outnumbered and winning against all the odds feel that is the hallmark of their videos. Bravo.

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