SPOILER - Game of Thrones season 8 dumbest battle ever


I love GOT, but that season 8 battle made me cringe. So, you know you’re hugely outnumbered by an army of berserker wights, who don’t fear danger or personal injury, because they’re dead. So, here what you do:

  • Don’t use your air forces (dragons and riders) or even cavalry to scout the location, size, and speed of the foe.
  • Don’t use your air forces to attrition the enemy as he’s approaching the battlefield.
  • Don’t dig trenches, fire barriers, etc. to channel the swarm of enemy guys’ approach. So that you can gang up on them as they trickle through the chokepoint(s). And use your artillery (catapults) on the guys in the farther areas, to attrition them while the front rows are fighting in the chokepoints. Just let them come on and try to fight them from all directions at once.
  • Open by sending your mobile light cavalry (Dothraki) on a frontal charge again the center of the enemy, to be enveloped from all sides and wiped out. Instead of using their mobility to work the edge ends of the battle to do feints, flank or rear attacks, and/or disorder the mob or at least prevent it from all being able to charge in the same direction and overwhelm your line.
  • Have your attacking cavalry force meet the enemy right at the end range of your artillery. So you have to yell “Cease fire!” to your artillery, to prevent friendly fire damage.
  • After your attacking force is no more, forget to start your artillery up again.
  • Equip your biggest and most organized infantry unit (the Unsullied) with long pikes unsuited to close melee combat. Actually craft new dragonglass ones for them-- thousands of them. (Granted, the Unsullied seem to only be trained for pikes use. But… getting to that later).
  • Use your phalanx troops (again, the Unsullied) as melee troops, for hand-to-hand combat. When their strength is in pushing forward in a unit on offense, or defending against cavalry in defense. And wights have no cavalry.
  • Put all of your guys out in the field in front of your castle, and no guys (for example, the armored bannermen infantry and archers) on the walls. Complete ignore the purpose and design of a castle, which is make things hugely bad and costly for anyone trying to assault the people inside.

I know, some may say that realistic medieval tactics might not make for the best modern TV drama. But I’d say that, if you watch the old American cowboys/cavalry vs. Indians movies, things kind of made tactical sense. In a way. But you knew what the problem was, and you saw the characters you’d bought into make hard decisions, about facts that had briefly been presented to you (with dramatic musically phrases before the scene change, to make sure you noticed and got it).

Anyway, I love GOT, occasional TV-ness and continuity lapses and all. Really brilliant. It’s just-- with all of that production money, couldn’t the writers have hired even a Mount & Blade or Total War player, much less a scholar or professional, to just say “Err… doesn’t seem to make much sense here. In my opinion…”

I almost forgot-- The were surprised by how fast the wight army approached, so no time to make preparations, such as trenches and such. But they had enough time to make glass (unforgeable, btw) weapons or weapon heads for thousands of Unsullied, Dothraki, and everyone else. Writers, producers, directors, please? Please now, please?


All valid points.


If this fight was somewhat real, all people should have died way earlier, including the main characters. Arya wouldn’t have flown in the air across hundreds of white walkers right on top of the Night King ( what a stupid death). We never understood who was he, why was he immune to fire, what was his goal (apart from that short Bran explanation in episode 2).

Only one giant shown for a brief moment. They promised us huge fight, yet all we saw was dark night with a fog and some distant battles. They tried to compare the fight to the “Return of the King” one. Yeah, not even close.

All in all, a very unsatisfiying flow of events in the third episode. I hope the next battle vs. the Golden Company will somewhat compensate.


People around here is complaining about massive “color blocking” and “chopping” and other nasty compression artifacts during the battle scenes… did that happen elsewhere or was a premium from HBO Spain?

Even though the reason I don’t watch GoT is not because I don’t like it, I don’t watch it.

I also don’t work there and they never paid me for it that I know of (yet).

You’d be surprised to see that I sometimes make databases of stuff I don’t like, and so, I could start to watch it even though it would be because I don’t like it, because sometimes I can’t always do what I like to do.

BTW, on the subject of obsydian weapons, other than the fact that obsydian is a terrible choice for weapons, if the lethality of obsydian is by contact with the wights, then the easier solution was to forget about regular weapons and make weapons like those used in the pacific with shark tooth.

Obsydian is useless against any kind of armor and can’t be forged in any way; it cuts by being broken in such way that sharp edges are exposed (albeit those edges won’t remain sharp for long), then being broken again to expose a new cutting edge -much like stone weapons work.

How to kill many wights by piercing their flesh with obsydian?

With weapons based on this:

And this:

Place obsydian as cutting edge and presto. With many tiny “arrowheads” in a sword, any of them piercing the flesh and bone of a wight will be lethal. Also if some lose their sharpness, the rest still can cut and pierce. And as for the skull crusher, well, it’s obvious. Unless they’re wearing a helmet or armor, that’s a very effective way to drive obsydian into a wight. No fancy cutting and slashing and spearing -just hit them anywere with the obsydian sheet and done.

Yes, I tend to think about the weirdest stuff, specially when I am bored.

it’s a tv show with limited screen time, They could spend longer and do everything “tactically” but end of the episode things are going to end the same either way.

Also the WWs are magical beings they don’t give a ■■■■ about your tactics, if we really want to talk tactics they blew it even worse.

Here’s an Aztec obsidian sword.


Yeah, the visuals were dark here in the U.S., on HBO on Amazon Prime. And Amazon’s supposed to have more streaming bandwidth than other providers. The cinematographer said it was shot with standards for viewing in a cinema, and we didn’t have our TVs’ or monitors’ setting right. But… it is a TV show that people view on TVs and monitors, right?

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I say Sour Grapes!

If that was supposed to be a movie or something, then yes, but it was one episode in a 8 season TV series.

For a TV episode it was pretty epic.

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Yes tacticaly it was a horrible fight and a great example of how to fail miserably.You can clearly see dozens of arrows shot at the ground near huge swarms of wights especialy where the wights start puting out the trench fire.
Too many convenient scenes where characters get knocked down and covered up by wights only to be saved and unscathed when we seen generic soldiers get bit and torn apart by wights in 2 seconds in similar cases.
Artilery was next to useless when they could’ve shot those suckers for many minutes before wights came near along with an archer line which could then retreat behind the castle walls.
Fight inside the courtyard was stupid as all hell there were piles of dead 6 feet high covering the barricades yet no wights climbed them instead conveniently went through remarkably corpse clean chokepoints.
The dragon drive bys were acceptable tho.
Winterfell is a dumb shaped castle with no moat and all too easy to breach(even an empty moat is better than no moat).
Overall no scouting too little projectile spam bad castle design bad use of manpower.I’m pretty sure they wanted to be able to say 'we did the bigest battle in television history thus far" but for me it had too many flaws in how youd do a battle logicaly to accept it.


Ah, nice find! Obsidian weapons were a thing after all!

Like, really? People watch TV shows on their TVs? What’s next, you gonna tell me they don’t own a private racetrack for their Ferraris neither? :roll_eyes:

It’s a little baffling how disconnected from reality can be some professionals. Future employers should bear that in mind, because delivering a poor TV experience to your TV audiences isn’t best practice no matter if you are GoT.


I know that for a fact, so much in fact, the government is offering me a psychology related job starting at $60,000 a year, because employers can’t pay me, since they are too disconnected from reality.
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Some might say that after finding out that there is a rival between you and the prize of the Iron Throne, you might want to deploy all the troops loyal to her on the front line.

This way, if your highly trained psychotic half sister manages to finish the battle early by killing the big bad guy, you rival might find she doesn’t have many troops left to disrupt your future career plans.


Hmm… You have a point there. :+1:

BTW, since wights can’t swim, a moat around Winterfell might have been a little handy. Could have been dug by the all of the idle Unsullied, bannermen soldiers, and farmers hanging around. (Dothraki might or might not have been very helpful in a dirt-slinging project).

The Night King would have just bridged it with wight bodies, you say? Not if there was a quarter inch of oil or pitch floating on top, ready for Melisandre to ignite. Wights are highly inflammable, just a spark and their rotting flesh combusts like dry kindling. (It’s not physics, it’s a supernatural law, I know. I’m a fantasy fiction fan-- things work differently when sorcery has been involved). In fact, it you could just get of few of them burning, the fire could spread through the rest of the crew like wildfire. Problem solved.

Of course, the problem with this plan is, as always, supply and logistics. Gendry would have to make around 30k iron shovels, while also making the same number of dragonglass weapons. But, don’t know, could be possible.

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So…drama > fire arrows, dragons, fire pot ammo from catapults…

Spoiler: Game of Thrones is a garbage show, and George R.R. Martin is a hack with zero self control. Whenever I see someone reading one of his 2,000+ page, self-indulgent tomes, I have to fight with myself not to smack the book from their clutches (I would prefer not to sustain unnecessary hand injuries taking swipes at bricks, you see).

I suspect the Night King would just freeze it :slight_smile:


I suspect it would already be frozen, winter has arrived after all.