Squad inspired gameplay/tactics in Eve Online?

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Squad (A MilSim game currently in Alpha development). I think the biggest draw to that game is the hardcore tactics combined with player driven content/communication. It forces random people to interact in local, squad and squad lead voice comms and the community loves it. And while the major objectives are there, it has a sandbox-like teamwork approach to winning (Where you place FOB’s, who’s job is it to do what and what tactics you employ is completely up to you and your team).

It then dawned on me… what if Eve Online PvP or even just FW (Probably makes more sense for FW) was more like this? It has many of the elements already. What would that look like?

  • Battling over a system becomes more of a theater of war presented as such.
  • More ingame structured VOIP in ops (on grid > armada > lead comms)
  • Temporary structures/FOB’s to aid in the war effort.
  • An express clone/ship bay
  • An armaments bay (quickly get ammo for doctrine)
  • Gun placements etc…
  • Resource/mineral logistics for the above temp structures to enable pilots to quickly spawn in, fit a doctrine and go (IMO FW was always meant as a PvP introductory), and some poor sod has to risk the trip from Empire to FOB with the haul or something.
  • Empire ships can’t leave theater.

I think in a way Eve has most of these elements already, just in a very drawn-out fashion requiring immense effort to coordinate.

Meh… anyway was just a fun thought. Probably wouldn’t work or would entail some game breaking mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well the one funny parallel I can draw from Squad. Once I joined up with a team and the Squad Lead was so strict and uncompromising that every time he was out of earshot of area/local VOIP you would hear something like, “This Squad Lead tho…” or “Jesus this Squad Lead is a hard ass” etc… :smiley:

But you get those :slight_smile: And they, along with these rest of the random voice chat, can be very funny.

Mostly though the game encourages collaboration and making the best with what you have, and if you announce you are a newbie squad lead or a newbie anything people are usually very helpful and just want to have fun. This would be the ideal outcome I suppose.

I completely agree, but I don’t think players (especially new players) should be forced into going on voice comms to get the most out of the game.

It should just be there as a simple option for players or groups of players who want to participate in that kind of way.

Having a VOIP in Eve would most likely force many players who don’t want to to take part in voice comms thereby alienating a portion of the Eve community.

I support those who don’t want to take part in voice comms. We are happy typing away.

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I would like to see something where newbies have to work together in the beginning to help make the game more social and possibly get new players making their own way rather then just joining an existing corp.

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AFAIK EVE already had an in-game VOIP. As is typical, they were better at thinking of an idea than implementing it. They removed EVE Voice in 2018.

I agree with Natocha that I would much rather systems be implemented for marking targets and setting directions using game tools. Relying on voice and hearing the voices of other people is very game immersion breaking for me. I understand that it is fast and effective communication (in some ways, it is also confusing and disruptive in others), but for me hearing the voices and side discussions and random background noises of gaming VOIP destroys my sense of being in the gaming ‘world’.

Also, your idea may have potential, but since the game you refer to is in Alpha test, and probably hardly anybody here knows anything about it, making a general reference to ‘the way things are done in Squad’ does nothing to flesh out the idea for anyone but Squad testers.

That said, if you would like ideas to be added to EVE, they should be carefully considered or adapted to be small modifications to existing systems. The current coding team seems to have a considerable amount of difficulty making significant additions to game systems and mechanics.

Can you think of anything in particular where this can happen?

On note of voice comms.

Do they have systems that let you flip between channels with a clicker or dial? Or is it just a ship show

Are you asking with regards to how this works in Squad?

So you have 3 keys…

V = Local Channel. This is essentially talking as though you’re really standing there. Only all friendly players within earshot can hear you and it fades with distance.

B = Squad Channel. This is a broadcast to your entire squad (Max 9 players, all with certain loadouts or roles).

G = Command Channel. Only Squad Leaders can use and hear this. It is a channel for all leaders to communicate important tactical info and strategize.

Alltogether the above works quite well and is an easy system :slight_smile: There is no key to broadcast to your entire team so voice spam is not an issue (Though you can type in all channels including team or All). And, being a MilSim, people generally prefer brevity when appropriate.

EDIT: When playing Squad, people generally mute Discord.

Discord is not needed, TS3 or the other. You get what you pay for, security vulneribilities like swiss cheese.

Over half of what you said already exists.

VOIP was previously present but removed for being a spectacular failure. Third party comms are the way to go.

Be careful not to try to transform EVE into an entirely different game than it is intended to be. Don’t try to change Poker into Chess, or Swimming into Tennis.

May I offer some better comparisons? If flagged, whatever, I’m used to it. Checkers to chess and swimming to water polo? You ever tried water polo? That’s cardio.

OR, we could have a pip-boy like fallout and have 16-bit crappy mini games?

This seems to be exactly it:

Ops1 thru n
Tac1 thru n
Squad/element channels

Seems to be a usual hierarchy.

I can’t imagine “ALLCHAN” to be a thing in active combat zones, there’s no point in broadcasting for the cavalry to arrive, you are the cav and everyone’s in a life-death incident.

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