I am for sale. I mainly have books injected for flying a Ragnarok, Rorqual and Naglfar. All supporting skills as well.

I have 5,041,684 SP. Check out all of that here: password: 4678 if needed

Many books injected!
Black ops, Capital Ships, Capital Industrial Ships, HAC’s Industrial Command Ships, Minmatar Dreadnought, Minmatar Titan, ORE Industrial.

All Jump drive books.

Capital guns books, Doomsday books, Tactical Weapon reconfig.

Also has Mercoxit books, if you want to mine Mercoxit too.

Many drone books injected, including mining drone spec.

Currently located in Jita 4-4
No jump clones
basic implants
positive isk wallet
Mapped Perception/Willpower
next neural remap 1/21/2019
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Omega status
6+ standing with guristas.

Ragnarok - Justice
Naglfar - Spirit
Incursus - Exoplanets Hunter


Bidding starts at 7b. Literally book cost.

4b offer, needs work

4.1 bil offer

top for now. Although will not sell at this price.
will look to sell tomorrow around noon USEast.

How far is this character from sitting in Ragnarok (requirements)?

Awhile. Just has the books. which is around 6bil+

bump btw

Amount agree in game. Will send isk and account info soon.


agreed selling to Niska.

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