Standing Bar on UI

Is it normal that I don’t see any levels on this Standing bar?
I’ve seen levels on it in the various pics and videos online but I don’t have those.
Thanks for the responses.

You are looking at the Agent Standing for a Level 1 agent rather than the faction standing. They are the one exception to showing the level markings on the standing bar because a level 1 agent will give you a mission whatever your standing.

If you click on, say the standing for Minmatar Republic, then yous should see the markers for what mission level appears at what standing level and where you are in relation to them.


Oi o7 Thank you. I see it now when I click on Minmatar Republic or corporation standing.
Will the levels be shown once I deal with lvl 2-3-4… agents?

Once you are dealing with, say, a Level 2 agent, then the threshold marker will be seen.
This is because Level 2 (and higher) agents have thresholds of standing before they will offer a mission. The Agent’s standing is, of course, the higher of the faction, corporation or personal standings.

You can search for mission agents through The Agency window.

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Thanks a lot!

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Corporation Standing:
Level 2 agents require 2.00 standing IIRC.
Level 3 requires 3.00 standing
Level 4 requires 5.00 standing
Level 5 requires 7.00 standing

All effective standing (modified by connections skill)

Reprocessing in a NPC station is 6.7 standing, to give you free reprocessing.

Broker/relist fees/taxes utilize base standings as well as Faction Warfare.

As far as Faction standing goes, The same above applies for Factions. If you are at 2, 3, 5 or 7 to a faction, you’ll have access to ALL corporations under that faction, regardless of corp/agent standings…


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