Standing not increasing from fleet missions?

Hiya forum, a curious question here.

So i am flying in a fleet with another mission runner, he does brutor tribe missions and i do caldari navy missions. After I complete my mission he gets standing increase to Caldari navy but after he completes, I can see transaction in wallet I don’t get brutor tribe standing increase.

Images attached. So why not?

You sometimes cannot see standings changes until logging out and back in. That is one of the reasons why for USIA, we use eveskillboard to track progress when grinding clients. You can create your own to track your skills if you don’t want to drop fleet and log out and in to check…

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There are sharing settings.
It’s possible to opt so as to not share rewards.

They are sharing, but as he was saying, he got the rewards for brutor, but its not showing the standings… when sharing it shares all or nothing… you can’t pick and choose what shares… Thats why we tell clients when we are grinding them, they won’t see standing changes in game until they log out and back in.

ok . .

Thank you so much, yes after relogin it is reflecting fine

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