Star Captain Skins

OK, so these skins are for Amarr ships. What I don’t understand is the ‘Celebrate Independence’ aspect of it.

Independence from who and when?


It’s an obvious Independence Day related marketing exercise.

Not an in game thing. Just an out of game reference.

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Well, if it’s directed to the US celebrating 4th Of July then they’re a bit late.

So the news article states the offers will be available through until July 11th.

Since the Minmatar event - Dawn Of Liberation - starts July 10th, shouldn’t those skins be available for Minmatar ships? According to game lore the Minmatar Republic was enslaved by the Amarr and then rebelled, gaining their freedom.

Basically they declared their independence, right?

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Oh, those are nice.

But the Abaddon SKIN reminds me of that story where a Grandma wore the Panama flag for 25 years and thought it was an American flag.



Imagine if it had been the flag of Cuba. :cuba:


Two days late and a dollar short. Typical CCP.

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Well, going by CCP’s past record, they’re actually par for the course, right?



Bottom line is the skins are red, white, and blue and the ad copy has the word independence in it.

That’s pretty much a licence to print money from Americans. More patriotism than brains, that bunch.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


If that’s the case then CCP should have made those skins available for all ships and not just for Amarr.

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It’s simple. Nobody cares about virtual roleplay in 2018 anymore. It’s pure business.

In modern Internet “all is for sale”!

BTW, Mike, why do you care about these SKINs? It’s a CCP business and they doing with it whatever they want. No need in such kind of arguing on this forum. Lets talk about players, lets criticize them, argue with them. None of football fan argue about Vodafone or Nike logo on their team’s sport wear. The Vodafone’s logo is there, because they paid most of all.

Ammar only Star Captains SKINs is there on July 4, because most of Avatar owners are Americans.

I care because it’s something that pertains to the game, I like the way the skins look and for your information, I’m not arguing with anybody, I’m simply asking questions about those skins.

That statement is completely incorrect, the ad was posted on July 5.

Also what proof do you have that mostly Americans fly Amarr ships?

I’m talking in general about the forum for discussion, arguing, criticize, whatever.

As you say.

I didn’t said about Ammar ships overall, I said about Ammar Capitals and Supers. I have no proof, I didn’t accused someone, it’s my thoughts based on many things I noticed previously. Therefore, nm. I just tried to say that any good businessman will promote and sell fireworks before New Year, box of chocolates before Valentine’s day, pens and pencils before and few week after September 1. They know their market and customers.

As a non-American I am a bit annoyed that an Icelandic game with a world-wide audience is catering only to Americans, with ads for a SKIN that is clearly based on the US flag on the 4th of July.

Can we not have an iceland-themed skin? Or a British skin, or a Canadian skin, or a Swiss skin?

No one would buy them. Let me pole the Canadian here in my apartment and see if he’d have bought a red and white Canada Day skin.

No. No he wouldn’t.

I have to wonder if a Brit or a Russian would be as unlikely as me to fall for that marketing ploy.

Like I said. Only Americans are mindlessly patriotic enough to buy stuff because it’s the color of their flag. I’ll cut CCP marketing some slack on this one. They read the tea leaves and the tea leaves said, “Push the flag colored skins to the only people that will buy them”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Speak for yourself :slight_smile: I’d have bought one, my corp logo is literally the Canadian flag.


I’m American. Why would I buy an American flag and fireworks AFTER the 4th of July is gone and over? I doubt I would have bought them before, but it would have still been a higher chance than now. By the way, if you ever come to America on any non-patriotic holiday, you’d be hard pressed to actually find people wearing flag-anything. Just like any other country. Well, outside of rednecks. They put flags on everything.

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im not buying no stinking skin unless a ship comes with it… CCP needs to begin updating their offers. im tired of the skins. enough already, you’ve done too much. chill on the skin themes… you make me feel like im playing an EA game now… yea i said it so what… you’re now offering plex in smaller packages, might as well begin selling those EXP packages… offer us something else besides these skins… you have so many skins even snakes hate you now! shred some of that…

. whats next ?? rainbow coalition skins??.. Pride Space Day skin? im just saying… geesh.

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My Avatar, the USS America, is sporting a Star Captain skin.



To be honest i was awake and playing EvE 36 hrs before the 4th, when the ad hit the launcher and i checked the NES, yep they were there.

I think the only issue i have not seen really discussed yet…is the fact these Skins were removed from the NES, and CCP put them for the 4th of July…an American holiday…what greedy bastards.
Add on top this is proof i think that the skins removed from the NES are simply able to be circulated whenever CCP pleases.

Against their very Ad’s of saying they are gone forever blah blah blah.
Best thing the playerbase could do, is when they have these Skin removal forever sales…is to boycott those sales when they happen.

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Well the next event happens to cover the 14th of July… should have had red, white and blue skins then. :wink: