Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - What We Left Behind

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Star Trek worst serie I’ve ever seen! :joy:
I never understand why so many ppl like star trek, plz tell me why ? :blush::grimacing:

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totally disagree, it was better than Voyager!

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I loved every Star Trek series since TNG. I never got into the original series though. Too old school for me. Like Classic Doctor Who, wich was not for me too…

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Deep Space 9 was a Babylon 5 rip-off, the idea was stolen from J. Michael Straczynski after he pitched the idea to Paramount. Despite this, DS9 can still be an enjoyable watch (B5 is better, though).

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Star Trek just killed Will Robinson!” - Ira Behr

Bill Mumy’s “Actor in Space” Hat Is Back On - StarTrekcom

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Babylon 5 was the best space opera in the history of space operas. It’s even aged well.

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Yeah, its too bad that Babylon 5 kept having to wrap up the storyline within each individual season, because they didnt know if they would be renewed for the next season, wouldve been a lot better if they had the freedom and knowledge that it would last X amount of seasons.

But all things considering, i actually enjoyed DS9 more than babylon 5. They just had more memorable moments and episodes that i liked. I guess it also helped that they already had a world that they built on, plus the whole darker tone of the series was better and more interesting. I dont know what it was, but Babylon 5 always had a little more of a light overtone to me than DS9.

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Interview: Jeffrey Combs On The Serendipity Of Playing Multiple Characters In ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’

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DS9 had its share of darkness. Picard’s torture by the Cardassians is unforgettable. But B5 “darkness” went on longer IMO, than some of the story arcs in DS9. The tragedy of Londo Mollari. The tragedy of G’Kar. B5 “lightness” sometimes came from the occasional one step back, for every two steps down.

But I’m really looking forward to the DS9 documentary; it will give a taste of what a full DS9 HD transfer would look like, if CBS could be convinced to spend the millions necessary to create all-new HD effects. (Detailed article.)

The same video effects upscale / remaster problem applies to B5, but it may be possible some day (with caveats).

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Man they need to do a proper HD update with today’s visual capabilities. Would be divine.

Also, I admittedly never got into Babylon 5 but I’ll have to find a way to watch it

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Not DS9, but yeah.

Not sure if we could consider that it went on longer, though. I mean, G’kar was kinda depressed, kinda not, during the occupation, but he lightened up a lot after he lost his eye, considering he was always kinda brooding before that.

DS9 was just war for the last few seasons, and the federation was on the losing side of it for basically the entire time.

I dont really remember the tragedy of londo mollari, i think there was an episode named after that though wasnt there?

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The first few episodes show Londo at his best. He laughs and regales bar patrons with tales about the glory days of the Centauri Republic, and if they had just remained tales, he might have led an irrelevant but happy life. But then, a Mr. Morden begins whispering in his ear that if he might do this or that harmless thing on behalf of Morden’s mysterious Associates, things might be put into motion. Great things. The Narn regime can be put back in its place, the Centauri can rise again! He falls into the trap by inches, gradually realizing… that he has sold his soul.

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You really should see Babylon 5. IMO some of the best scifi ever made.

I enjoyed DS9. An HD update of it would indeed be great!

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Pernicious nonsense!