Stargate Trailblazers Event - Gameplay Policy

well they promised that players could decide what stargate going to be constructed…now they are forcibly constructing them all

solitude region is going to be nolonger solitude,despite fact that its affected just small pocket with eggheron system* but still,impacts on solitude region being unique one…

*) eggheron - what was first,egg or heron? maybe there was heron and then explosion happened and egg came out? this system was really great. now its gonna be stabbed with stargate.

whole situation brings “eve sandbox” into great question,is it still sandbox that players decide how far it goes, or its just illusion?

So its just a normal event then?

I’m in two minds about this. On one hand, I don’t mind CCP saying that for this event you can’t do stuff with the sole intention of being a pointless jerk to everyone. On the other hand, it’s kinda dumb that CCP both decided to make this possible and then had to ask nicely for us to not do that, and had population caps in the sites so it makes it impossible to gank anyone in the sites. The sites should definitely work like invasions where everyone gets a payment but it’s split amongst them so you can still enter but you won’t make as much ISK/LP if you bring more people.


Like Brisc says: “Don’t make my agree with them”. Come on CCP what the actually FRACK!

I cannot blame all those people rioting, I mean I don’t like them and I think the worst of them, but they are right.

I was expecting the castle to crumble, but this soon? Let me extend myself a bit in here, just for the pleasure of the interested reader.

What’s happening in EVE is the result of YEARs of pure (looking for a moderated word here) ‘incomprehension’ how the game really works.

So we have this fictional game world, where CSMs and DEVs and why not base gamers live OR pretend to live! And we have the real game world, where nothing, absolute nothing happens has designed, I dare to say this is probably why the game lived so long.

So without extending myself too much, I gonna throw at your face CCP the shield/armor nerfs and guns buff. Of course in your imaginary world everything gonna work has imagined, since Nullsec is your only base of comparison and lobbying it’s not too hard to understand how stupid it was to just tell gankers to just kill stuff even more easier than before. Of course YOU did not think about that, because you were too busy listening to biased CSM opinions of how Nullsec works.

Then of course, you made destroyers even more cheaper, BUT WAIT JUST A MOMENT, what are dessies used for? OMG!!! I guess someone had a brain fart about how would be nice to install a trasher doctrine and CCP followed… IMAGINE THAT!

So now, things are escaping your control, new people are leaving and you try to pull these (in my personal opinion sad) events (which I never cared, any semi intelligent player knows it’s bait) and seeing how FKed the game is, you came with a solution (I DARE SAY) probably as bad as nullification.

I’m not going to extend myself how wrong you are about isk destroyed value, 'cuz I have real life stuff to do, I’ll postpone this BOMB to another convenient time, I think I already bashed at you guys too much.

Not that I expect much from EVE, I just came back 'cuz COVID, but you guys are really icing the CAKE.

Fly safe o7

What you can’t AWOX the orca, are we playing WOW or something? I’m confused?


Is CCP intending to make Eve into a more traditional MMO and less of a sandbox? Because all of the rules around this event are basically saying, “This event is not part of the sandbox, but is instead a walled garden of content.”

That’s fine if CCP wants to go that direction, but it’s a very different game than Eve has been for the past 18 years.

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Yes, CCP has decided that the walled garden is the future.

They shouldn’t be surprised if after the first day or two, the garden is devoid of life


While you’re in the giving mood can you just quickly roll back those silly faction sub and t1 bs building requirements? You could also delete warp stabs all together if you wanted.

In all seriousness this action is directly “dìck in the sandbox” it makes the outcome assured. If thats what you wanted why not just poof the gates into existence without all this song and dance.

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Limiting the sites to a low number of players is a “soft” anti-PvP measure, because they know that doing this makes it impossible to gank the participants, but allows them to achieve this effect without explicitly stating that it’s not allowed, or turning off player damage. This way, they can still claim that there’s open-world PvP, even when it becomes practically impossible to engage in it.

The fact that people aren’t throwing a fit over this is what really gets me, though. It’s like one side is simply happy that EVE isn’t a sandbox anymore, and the other has given up even trying to change anything.

Today’s change is literally the change that made EVE not EVE anymore after almost two decades, and no one batted an eye.


Obviously it’s because they can post a dev blog later or make some sub-par gaming news outlets page saying “Players work together to create new stargates in CCP’s EVE Online”.

Little does the average idiot reading those know that the event is ■■■■, the outcome already determined, isn’t actually player driven, and is not very sandbox-like.

Like I remember back during Pre-BC WoW when we had that war effort where people had to pitch in resources to open the gates of AQ… at least the players HAD to contribute for the content to become unlocked on their respective server. This makes WoW seem more “player-driven”. Bravo CCP… bravo. :clap: :clap:


I wont give up till the servers go dark. A whole lot of good it seems to be doing.

ITT trolls crying 'cause they can’t ruin other peoples fun.

Boo hoo. Cry more.


Are you having fun?

It isnt fun if the outcome is set in stone before it even begins. At least the trig invasion had the illusion that what we did mattered. This thing states up front, this is happening, no matter what. Come join in the fun. Just poof the ■■■■ into existence and do a celebration event. Seriously. Don’t pretend “players did it” when our input decides nothing.


All that and how many people actually bothered to read the rules?
My bet is very few.

Fixed that for ya

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I did… I said something less than nice at dopamine as well. I’m having a hard time feeling had about it.

Not if they arrive after the people who want to kill them… Right?

you would have to sit in the site and move away a bit from the entry and likely eat a ban for exploiting the sitting in the site because “your keeping it full”