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Finding good 1v1 combinations or fights like 1 cruiser v 1 cruiser + 2 frigs/dessies these days takes a lot of time, and way too much.

In general everybody either runs, or waits for an overwhelming 110% win assurance from mates to engage.

Too many KB conscious and weak cretins out there also, unwilling to throw stuff in just for fun and see what happens.

I threw 3b worth of ships in one night just to make a point about dogpiling trash and KB whores, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy for giving them the content they always look for anyway …

The whole “Fly Safe” culture really screwed things up.

As opposed to “Fly Hard” culture, but that one completely died off many many years ago.
Im even wondering if it only ever existed in my head … I do recall “some” memorable engagements, since 2007, yet they all fit on ten fingers.

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why do you try to sound like an expert in pvp wen you done no pvp in eve?


you are al right , you do pvp
let me give you some advice , enlist to a militia , this way you can get money wen waiting for pvp
stay INSIDE the plex
put your dscam at 1 au, so you can bail obvious ganks
but ill tell you , sometimes is better to loose the ship and kill 2 of them , even fight 2v1 , you will be surprised how many people think joining with a friend is insta win just to die together

Captura de Tela 2020-06-27 às 12.05.42
btw best corp nave ever the amarr mind is full of light


Two Maidens One Chalice?

I wish I hadn’t; off to eyebleach I go


Last time i flew with TMOCC, it was riddled with loudmouths and racist shits and precisely the kind of risk-averse and dog-piling player culture I was referring to.

No thanks

Ship pvp in Eve is properly dead for me.

I’ll find something else to do ingame probably though, so no worries.

Do what Jebbi does and fight with frigates and only look for solo frigates so by the time help arrives the fight is generally over.

It works for him.

I find 1v1 frigate fights end up a one-sided exchange too fast for the loser if flown right. They’re fun, but only up to a certain point.

I prefer longer engagements, with some time and some care taken with the ships involved, the manœuvre exchanges to catch or be caught, range control game, and a decent tank management exchange. (like in cruiser fights …)

The ideal result from such long-winded fights typically ends with both parties at roughly 30% hull on last volleys, and until either one of them dies, ie: fun.

Those types of fights are so bloody rare/nonexistent I found.

lies ss

The good ones are. Dont be in denial about it.

Or at least, given a 2+ hours wait/roam avoiding bored dogpilers or simply being constantly avoided by cowards and KB conscious cretins, to find one …

There is always the abyss for cruisers but you get absolutely no choice on who your engaging.

Did OP have a point to make or discuss? Or was just he being salty?

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Whay you’ve described is the sandbox nature of eve…which is gameplay.

Again…sandbox nature. It’s not that we don’t want fights to be ‘unfair’, it’s that we don’t want fair fights to be forced on us.

It’s the basis of eve. See the 8 golden rules of eve.

There is no such thing as “a fair fight” or “an unfair fight”. There’s only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant.

So salty he’s a threat to slugs.


Meh, I guess, that’s more of a gimmick to compensate for Eve’s current pvp culture anywhere else. I might give it a try though.

Edit: just checked out some videos, ok so there you go again, people looking for a fast ganky wins instead of a real exchange with gank/kity cerberuses and stratioses… lel

What he’s described is, it’s the people that make up the gameplay, duh, it’s an mmo.
The gameplay slate is what the human player makes it (along with personal flaws, gaming culture, social or RL context …), and if the majority of players are KB conscious and cowards, fearing the judgement of others for a loss, it’s not the game’s sandbox problem, but the players.

Thing is, no one’s forcing anyone to give the unfair treatment either, it’s always down to personal choice and habits, and people generally tend to follow the norm of an environment’s habits/culture.


You’re too hung up on space-bushido. So is @Sugar_Smacks.

The reality is far simpler. They see a target. They shoot it.

If a gang of three come across a lone player what are they supposed to do? Have two of them sit out? No.

It’s not culture as much as human nature.

When people fight, they rarely deliberately handicap themselves if they feel stronger than the otherside. They use what advantages they have.

Combat in the real world isn’t only contest of skill, and neither is this the case for eve. It’s also a contest of numbers, technology, economy and strategy.

Some -MOST- would say the game is better for having these extra dimensions of warfare.


The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. ~ Various

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I mean that is the reality of it sure, I’ve been pretty much saying so myself this whole time.

The resulting easy and fast explosion is more interesting to most.

The exchange variations and combinations though, the process leading to a kill, that is seldom discussed nor played around with enough among players.
It could be a thing, but it’s not because as a culture thing, the people just don’t see its appeal.

I find an appeal in it, but it’s down to personal taste, and Im only stating the obvious that I may well be in clear minority with it.

That depends what the ruleset is, or ROI. Every major war has/had one, and that ruleset depends on the context and people involved again.

Eve isn’t the real world though, and I’m arguing it’s been trying way too hard to be like it, that people (devs and players) just completely took it for it was and left it at that.

I don’t get why some people think that ‘fair 1v1 fights’ are the only fun type of PvP, and that the PvP sucks if it isn’t fair.

There are lots of games on the market where you get matched with other players of similar skill for ‘fair fights’. EVE isn’t such a game.

I play EVE because I enjoy the ‘unfair’ kind of PvP in here.
I enjoy mining while paying a little attention to increase my survivability so I can warp off and taunt that bomber that just flew into my ice belt for being too slow.
I enjoy the banter in coms while waiting for our hunter to catch another miner who isn’t fast enough and drop my own bomber on it.
I enjoy big chaotic fights (as long as it’s not big enough for tidi…) and enjoy flying around in small skirmishes, although I feel like I have a lot to improve there.

Please don’t give me ‘fair 1v1 fights’, I’m not playing EVE to show my superior skills. I’m playing EVE to have fun.


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