State of the game

Is it just me, or has this game evolved into large groups telling players what they can and can’t do in the game? This is a BIG turn off for getting new(and old) players involved with all the content available. Want a good fight for beginners? Don’t join the public fleets that provide this…you could accidentally shoot a person that could be potentially blue to you in 3 years. No wonder I see null dying and high sec full of lost potential.

Might be me, but large groups have always been in the game since I started playing 5 years ago.

Also I don’t see why public fleets would be a problem for the reason you describe. Nobody will have issues with that you shot them 3 years ago when you were in a different fleet.

Groups change all the time, people you fly with today might be your enemies tomorrow and the other way around. Sure, there can sometimes be grudges, but most people will have no problems having you join their group even though you in the past were in a public fleet and shot some of them while you weren’t blue.

It’s a game, we all like shooting at spaceships. So if you wish to join any fleet now or group now, do it.


Why is your corporation not providing these fights? Moreover, I don’t know of any groups who says you’re not allowed to shoot people because they might be blue in the future. Obviously don’t shoot blues or be in a fight where blues are being shot by your side, but that’s just common knowledge.

Large groups have been a thing since the start.

Our new friend does not know what he is talking about. Even large groups with agreements where they don’t engage infrastructure freely shoot at each other.

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Sounds like you need to try a new corp.

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