Statue of King Khanid causes furore in Jachanu

Jachanu V, Southern Hemisphere.

The recent unveiling of a statue of King Farokh Khanid caused a furore, when a renowned art critic declared the statue to be an almost unaltered copy of a statue of King Garkeh Khanid !

Doppelganger !

The statue of King Farokh was commissioned from the renowned Jachanu sculptor Shaloen Onnata by Lord Rhuther Huwa, a minor Holder on Jachanu V, to adorn the grounds of his estate, and was erected on the summit of a low hill, such that it would be visible from nearby islands, the statue being ten metres in height.

Erecting statues of King Khanid is a popular activity amongst Kingdom subjects of means, and provides substantial employment for commoners and freemen in the Kingdom.

Colossus !

Lord Huwa had held a party to mark the official unveiling of the statue, with several local celebrities and dignitaries present, including the northern hemisphere art critic Mialou a’Coufre, who is of Gallente ancestry, albeit a 6th generation subject.

When the statue was unveiled by Tchullae, Lady Consort Huwa, to applause from the vast majority of the guests, Mialou a’Coufre loudly declared it to be “a copy of that statue Onnata made ten years ago”, which was a statue of King Garkeh, made as part of a restitution order by the Jachanu Civic Court, following Onnata’s conviction for graffiti offences in the northern hemisphere.

Facsimilie ?

The sudden outburst cast a pall over the party, with Lady Tchullae reportedly in tears, until a’Coufre was forcefully ejected from the Huwa estate by estate staff.

Lord Huwa had this to say about the matter. “Northern hemispherians never have a good word to say about anyone or anything. Disgraceful.”
Shaloen Onnata denied the statue was a copy, stating that the bronze moulds were available for inspection at their studio, and that “It’s not my fault that King Farokh bears such a resemblance to King Garkeh”.
Mia a’Coufre was completely unrepentant, claiming “It was clearly a copy. But what do you expect from Lower Hemispherians ? They served fetchpoche and walnuts at the reception as well.”

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