Why does King Khanid hate the Minmatar?

So, this week, I was busy minding my own business, when I had a sudden revelatory thought about King Khanid and why he and his minions, i.e. Rubber-Duck of Fabai Alar Chakaid, seem to have such a particular dislike of the Minmatar.

My revelatory thought was this. King Khanid sees the Minmatar Republic as a personal insult. That is the cause of his being such a nuisance all the time.

“But how ?” you may ask. Simple !

You see, as everyone knows, the Minmatar were first encountered and conquered during the reign of Emperor Damius III Khanid, with the Minmatar home star system renamed in his honour.

The Damius (pronounced “Pator”) system, including the Minmatar homeworld of Damius IV (pronounced “Matar”), is of course now administered by the Minmatar Republic, which arose after throwing off the shackles of slavery nearly 150 years ago.

And poor King Khanid sees this as some kind of slight on his illustrious ancestor.

So, he has set himself the task of reconquering the Minmatar, to avenge the legacy of his forefather Damius, which is why he, and his minions, are such jerks all the time towards Minmatar people.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it ?

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Pator IV is Matar, not Pator III. Pator III is Huggar.

At least in the case of Chakaid, he seems to have a hatred of anyone who doesn’t share his particular brand of blood fantasies. He’s basically the same in his attitudes towards life as the 24IC blooders who would sacrifice freighters full of people for celebration, and they show a similar amount of thoughtless contempt towards the Minmatar. I’ve been thinking that the views of those individuals who were and are still in the crusade and Chakaid probably came out of the same gross misunderstandings of Scripture, but it’s hard to say exactly the cause.


I mostly agree… but as a bystander, it does seem to me that Chakaid has a particular hatred for Minmatar and, even more so, Ammatar. He goes out of his way to be petty about them.

That’s because when Chakaid selected a known (and rather loud about it) blooder, edeity, for the Khanid team in the succession trials, Samira pointed out those affiliations. He’s had a hate-on for her ever since, and because she’s an Amarr faithful of Minmatar origins, she is ‘Ammatar’ to him. Darkar didn’t help with that during Kahah.


The real reason is simple envy. We are much better endowed then the average Khanid male, and it hurts his pride.



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Whilst this is clearly not a serious argument, the Kings Khanid are actually of True Amarr blood, not Khanid.

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Sounds to me more like your own reasons, not his.
But I tottally can get behind them, especially if you could express them with less use of swearing words.

I bow to Tyrel’s superior knowledge on that matter.

I assume he has hands-on experience to support those statements.

Though I had no idea he was that way inclined.


I’ve raided my fair share of breeding facilities. So, yeah, I do have a sort of “Hands-on” experience in the matter. Though it is nothing close to what your insinuating and frequently involves a rusty, make-shift cutting implement.


I had to insinuate, those are the rules of the IGS.

Never pass up the opportunity to make a suggestive comment, double entendre, trick question, or pun.

I, Claudia Amelia Tesstarosa Wingate Osyn, Goddess of the IGS, approve of this sort of thing.

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Given the price fetched by purebred slaves of a clear tribal bloodline, the dismemberment was unlikely to have been primarily Khanid.

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