Stealth-style skills and modules

Do you have a right to impose that onto anyone else? Like the whiners have apparently successfully done regarding gimping my playstyle, already?

“These people with no combat skills won’t fight us! They keep escaping! Waaah! Not fair, we want loot-pinatas! Even tho that’s all they trained, gimp their abilities!”

I have every right to state that reading a book is reading a book and playing a game is playing a game, and that a person is either doing one or the other.

By your definition…someone who died half an hour ago but is still logged in could be ‘playing Eve’.

And now the critical point. You, sitting attentively at your own computer, is there any way, whatsoever, that you can discern what I, the player, am doing, or is your interaction with me an illusion?

All you ever COULD interact with is my game presense, and you can still interact with it, no matter what I am doing, personally. Since my choices have impacted you in no meaningful way, and since you have no way to even know, sans me doing like now, and flat telling you, my position is that you have no legitimate complaint.

Well by your own admission you aren’t there and aren’t playing the game. Mobile observatories have literally no effect on players who are playing the game. None. 0. They, by almost definition, only effect players who actually aren’t there. And how often do you get camped into low sec or null systems? I don’t think I’ve ever been camped into a system. It’s physically impossible to stop you from jumping out of a low sec system, and no one is completely bubble-effing a gate for hours to stop you and your Heron from leaving a null system. You just seem real worked up about a mechanic that doesn’t effect anyone who actually plays.


Yes, I’m sure that’s why the whining was so intense that CCP made the observatories, changed the stabilizers to an active module on a long cooldown, and likewise made a nullifier, also on a long cooldown.

Passives changing to cooldowns creates, as I have already stated, situations to our detriment that could not have previously arisen, when immunity was baked into certain ships, and stabilizers were passive.

This was all done because people want loot-pinatas and don’t want people escaping. So my playstyle was gimped, to support the howling masses that want death and more death.

But keep telling yourself it only impacts a few.

Wow, this is an excellent PvP whine thread. I really love the angle!


The only whining I’m doing is that pvp seems to be something they’re trying more and more hard to force. Even on players that, clearly, don’t want it. Buying PLEX to replace losses surely has nothing to do with it, right?

When ya’ll didn’t like afk mining, CODE was invented, to deal with in game issuse, in game. But this? This intense whining that saw three gimps slammed at toons like mine?

We’re not happy, no. Why would we be? The skillpoints were’t refunded, we just have gimped modules, new mechanics, slated against us.

I didn’t mind CODE. I wasn’t at the computer. You blew up my ship. Fine. I knew that was possible. I didn’t whine about it. But this issue, players whined until CCP stepped in and basically changed the entire sandbox universe, in three separate ways, to accommodate them.

What happened to dealing with in game issues, in game?

Now you get it!

What about all the times that semi-AFK ISK farmers whined to CCP about the evil griefers, and CCP stepped in and basically changed the entire sandbox universe in their favor? We’re just going to ignore all the ganking and war nerfs that happened over the years?

What happened to dealing with in game issues, in game?

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I don’t know about that. I only started about six years ago. I played about nine months, got tired of it, and this is my first time back.

But noting the skills I have now, they are much less effective than then. For the three reasons I already mentioned. 5+:1 is not enough, even when you’ve littered cans all over the gate, have drones swarming around to pop my cloak, have an interdictor on site, etc, etc?

You gotta saddle me with juggling insane cooldowns that situationally, like both sides of a gate being bubbled, a common enough occurrence, weaken me drastically?

You have a choice between risk and reward there.

Do you want to risk taking a gate with the nullifier still on cooldown (which could get you killed if there is an unscouted bubble camp at the other side) or do you want to play it safe and wait a minute at a safe spot before you go further?

Seems like a good balance to me!

Always the option, yes. And I’m sure they’re hoping the observatory pings while I am. So far I’ve managed to play around this crap, except that I have to log out now instead of playing psyops and sitting cloaked while I go to work.

Giving these ‘people’ a taste of their own crap amused me. I still laugh at how terrified people are if local is not empty. The changes are garbage. You still experience permanent penalties for the stabs being fitted, but can only benefit on cooldown. Hmm… :thinking:

Luckily you don’t need warp core stabilization modt of the time, only that moment you wish to warp away yet are scrambled.

Wait a minute? This can be used to cancel a currently active scram?

That might change things. I did not know that. I thought it had to be used pre-emptively, like a nullifier. I can use it after the fact?

I don’t think you have looked into the details of the mobile observatories yet.

They’re completely ineffective against players who pay attention.

As someone who often flies cloaky ships and also occasionally attempts to counter other cloaky ships, I love the addition of mobile observatories. They made cloaky gameplay much more interactive, more interesting, fun.

Previously there was no way to counter AFK cloaky campers. These days there is. And there is a way to pretend to be AFK, to bait the counter. Ways to kill enemy counterattempts (mobile observatories are easy killmails).

And all of it hardly impacts active cloaky players since (1) you’re immune for them for 15 minutes any time you (re)cloak, (2) they only have a 40% chance of decloaking each pulse, (3) they’re too expensive to be deployed anytime, anywhere if they are likely to be ineffective and (4) if you see them in local and simply recloak they are ineffective.

Don’t go AFK while cloaked and you cannot get caught. And if you do, you probably still won’t get caught, only if people bother.

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You get disrupted or scrambled, you align, push the button and get +2 warp core stabilization, warp off.

It’s great.

Also, now you get 2 warp core strength from a single module where you previously only got one per module.

The only downside is that you’re now limited to a maximum of one equipped WCS, so while previously my Epithal fit had 4 WCS and now just one, I do have much more fitting freedom with 3 freed low slots.

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And, again, I’d ask what you’re ‘countering?’ That feeling of unease? That same one every time I go to hack a can? That one where I have to sit there in a paper-thin hull and wonder, d-scan, d-scan, play clicky game, d-scan, d-scan…

I just don’t feel sorry for you guys, with all your combat ships, skills, modules, and most importantly, real life experience killing people like me. Making you suffer a bit of angst felt like at least some poetic justice.

The cloaky Arazu that is present in every system in our region and drops Marshals whenever you undock something.

These days we can drop a mobile observatory and kill some of their dozen Arazus when we figure out they’re not paying attention.

I’d say that is an improvement for the game.

Just to be clear, you started this whole complaint thread before even bothering to learn anything about these changes or how they work? Why am I not surprised?


Does that actually matter, aside from stoking your ego?

I think all three of those changes (nullifier, wcs, mobile observatories) have been good changes for the balance of the game.


  • now active, with cooldown and with combat downsides, so not always the best choice
  • allows mistakes, which raises the skill ceiling of the game (got my interceptor killed day one after that change, lol)
  • also available on T2 exploration frigates, which means those can be used for their intended purpose instead of exploceptors
  • also available on haulers, so people can haul valuables using haulers instead of nullified T3Cs
  • passively available on shuttles, so shuttles are finally useful for shuttling, instead of interceptors

Before nullifier changes everyone was using interceptors or T3Cs for too many things, hauling, shuttling, exploration, combat.

The nullifier changes enabled other ships to fill their intended roles.

Mobile observatories

Allows a chance of interaction with AFK cloaked players, and AFK players only (unless intentionally pretending to be AFK, which can be fun bait)

Cloaky camping is now much more interactive fron both sides, which is good for the game. More bait, possibility that the others spot your bait as they now need to be playing the game in order to not lose ships…

It’s positive in every possible way except for people who liked having their ship AFK in space while they were at work, and honestly, I’m glad those guys lost their risk-free ‘gameplay’.

Warp core stabilizers

  • Now limited to one, with double strength, which gives much more fitting flexibility.
  • now has severe combat downsides for drones too, so not every Ishtar is running a set of 4 of them anymore, and can be caught if bad.
  • is active, allows for mistakes and increases the skill ceiling as well as more interesting stories of people who got caught in situations they shouldn’t.

Interesting story: I once blew up a blockade runner equipped with a nullifier as it got caught in a bubble. My group was surprised, those things are incredibly hard to catch nowadays.

Tip: don’t equip an ECM burst jammer on the same fit, it disables your nullification. :upside_down_face: