Steam Eve Online Library

Please share 5 simple steps how to add EVE Online to steam Library.


Install steam version.
Once installed add you normal account details as a secondary login account.
Then pin normal account as primary in launcher.

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Install steam version.

Can you elaborate please? This is very general non-intuitive answer.

P.S. I have Steam on Linux. Game won’t add or install, steam says “game already in the library” and there is none. Installing windows launcher with wine, was not able to launch with proton.

Game in library means its installed at one stage, but incorrectly removed.

You need to repair the library file, cant remember how, but steam will have a guide.

As to above post.

Once steam version of launcher is installed and then loaded, you can account to it along side your steam account eve login, your normal non-steam login.

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That is strange, because I have a fresh install of pop!os, fresh install of steam and the game is “already in the library” and not on the list whatsoever. I will dig deeper on the evening. Still frustrating.

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0) Added eve windows installer to steam library + proton 4.2.

  1. After installation game runs right off the bat.
  2. Removed eve installation from library.
  3. Added eve (~/.steam/steamapps/something/something/EVE/launcher/evelauncher.exe) to steam + proton 4.2


When uninstalling eve make sure you get all it’s tendrils, there are thousands. Many hidden. I think CCP thinks it’s Iceland’s spy agency. The is only the tip of the iceberg. Read about a manual uninstall FYI.

Steam leaves some component of it also I got rid of with a reinstall of steam and clearing install history. Something ain’t right here.

I ran a test doing Steam/Proton/EVE and I was surprised as the OP to not see EVE on the gamelist. After I did the proton thing I did a manual search and I had to click a few things here and there to finally have it show up.

I think then I needed to click on PLAY so that the installation started.

I didnt see much improvement, so I’ll eventually uninstall it.

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