Steam users login to Sisi

Faced the problem of access to the test server ‘Singularity’ because my account is tied to Steam. Login attempts were unsuccessful.
In the account, I replaced the password and account name (on steamdas). But the attempts that day are still unsuccessful.
Please clarify:
For the Steam user in my face, what should I use to enter the test server?
In my case, use the steamdas login and the new password that I entered in the account settings?
Another problem?

Thx. I did that week ago.
But I can’t log in. The system writes an incorrect password or login.

When you have set an account name + password for your steam-account you’ll have to wait for the next mirror before you’ll be able to login onto SISI

I was afraid of that.
The last copy was 06.2019 as I understand it. When is the next planned or expected?

I think it happens every 3rd or 4th month, you might not have to wait too long for the next mirror, it could happen sometime in September.

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