Still paying for Omega while banned

I think you’re overthinking what I’m saying.

I’m literally just saying “Dude know answer to issue. Dude no need to ask about issue. Dude no need to make forum thread about issue. One less thread about issue on forum.”

Edit: When I mentioned “you”. I didn’t mean you as in “you Lugh Crow-Slave”, I meant a general you, as in “If a general person knows the answer to their question. Do they need to ask?”. Had me scratching my head for a minute trying to figure out why you, Lugh Crow-Slave, didn’t know the answers to your questions.

Aaaah to you too

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TOS agreements are legally binding but somewhat wishy-washy; you can’t just put anything in them else they become unenforceable (ie. asking for a house or first-born as these have other laws obviously associated to them).

You also need to provide an audit log indicating when the user accepted the agreement as evidence generally and need to have some proof that is was indeed that particular individual else you risk a half decent lawyer showcasing their client likely never agreed to the TOS.

Now… as far as getting their money back; Omega time is paid for up-front, and he broke the agreement for the service so it wouldn’t be any different than if you paid your rent and got kicked out because the place burnt down. You aren’t entitled to any refund.

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This is some real logical talk right here ^^

I bet relatives and friends of the family don’t refer to you as the bright one…

My house done burned down. I’s’a still paying’ rent fo’ it.


They would’ve loved to let you log in, unfortunately you chose to get banned and forced their hand. It’s entirely on you.
If a student gets sent to the principal’s office, should the teacher stop the lesson and wait for him to return?

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You got banned and didn’t cancel your subs?

Do you have a post-it note next to your bed to remind you to breath at night?

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