Stop Nerfing Eve

I have been playing since a little before apocrypha. I love eve, i always have, but the nerfs get piled on every year and its hurting the game not helping.

Lets look at the facts

  1. Mineral prices are out of control because its not worth it to mine for 90% of eve’s miners. T1 ships are like 3x what they were when dominion was released and industry upgrades were added to null.

A vexor used to be 5 mil, and insurance paid out 6 ( Back when eve was fun )

Most null ore is crap now without industry upgrades and there is much less ore available so any sov alliance now has issues supporting more then small amounts of people. For example i am in ORE Space right now and there is pyroxes in the belts, LOL 42 jumps from jita 22 red.

The original null sec belts had a bunch of low volume asteroids of different flavors and miners were in regular belts, this was a better system. We just needed slightly bigger rocks.

Nerfing Off grid boosts made most miners quit, you need these players to seed minerals or prices go up and CCP Has to keep seeding to keep it from going through the roof like they do with plexes

( No one buys plexes anymore )

PVE is largely watered down, with the lack of miners most players mass farm bounties incursions or missions further watering everything down, faction mods mostly suck, Most LP are worth 1000 isk per and its a big pointless grind for an overpriced plex.

The majority of farmers are in wormholes pushing T3 prices down, which i enjoy paying a little over 150m for a proteus but that is kind of cheap considering the effort that goes into it.

PVP While still the same, the good items blow up 95% of the time on purpose to remove valuable items from the game, making pvp sad.

My favorite activity in the years past was suicide ganking, i would roam null increasing my sec status and when me and my friends got a few precious points we went right to perimiter, the good stuff usually blew up but when you made the scooper get a criminal tag we stopped. Nerfs hurt eve.

Moon mining was hoarded by big alliances for years, they shared nothing and put in no work, the changes i think are great and its the only positive thing you guys have done for years.

So lets recap

Bring back off grid boosts, we need more miners, your game and playerbase are suffering. 300m battleships are stupid.
Remove upgrades for mining and pve ( Old school belt ratting or probe for plexes )
Fix insurance, if you pay 30% of ships value payout should be 100%
Fix ore in regular asteroid belts put them back how they were
Change the drop rate for high end modules when ships blow up
Make scoopers get no criminal tag if ship is suicide ganked or give the kill white to their corp ( i mean they got the kill )
Make titans harder to get because apparently the goon virgins have no problem losing 100 in a day






250 titans can die in a battle, be replaced the next day and both sides are happy with the outcome. I’m guessing it will take a while longer before we burn through the stockpiles to the level where CCP will think it’s time to end the scarcity phase.

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Just think, if CCP does everything the OP says, ore will be completely worthless and plex will be 10m each.

By the way, CCP said resource scarcity will come to an end. Don’t know how far off that will be, but that should go a long ways towards making you happy when it does happen.

When will resource scarcity end
  • 3 Months or Less
  • 6 Months or Less
  • 9 Months or Less
  • 12 Months or Less
  • 18 Months or Less
  • 24 Months or Less
  • More than 24 Months

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The biggest issue would be the difference of definitions for what “scarcity” means between CCP and players.

We all know that krabs think “end of scarcity” = “i can krab and farm and make more money with less effort.” That might not be the same vision as what CCP has in mind. So if CCP implements a change that isn’t “make me fatter with less effort”, krabs are gonna keep shrieking about it.

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It’s a rolling process, not a one-time thing.

Your post is a dreadful waste of perfectly good pixels.

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Dear God , no ! There was a good reason why we pushed for them to be removed from the game.

Salty Ganker Tears. Delicious.
And proof that CCP did something right. Good Job Guys!

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So, I don’t wanna burst your bubble or anything, but OP is a highsec carebear who is pretending to be a “suicide ganker” and actually has zero idea of what they’re talking about. So like, I’ll join you in mocking OP for being salty, but you gotta take the time to understand when someone is lying through their teeth.

He may be a Carebear…

But still that change was a good first step into the right direction.

But like, you get why the logic is wrong, right?

He’s supposedly crying about the nerfs hurting his ability to suicide gank


While have a perfect 5.0 security status, despite him being a “suicide ganker” who supposedly takes trips into nullsec to raise his Security Status (which… would take like a whole week of krabbing anomalies to get to a 5.0).

Yeah, yeah… i go that! :smile:

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eve is fine, stop being a whiny ■■■■

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LOL…this is priceless.

Did you know that insurance is roughly based on cost to build said hull? That’s why the insurance for praxis, gnosis etc is horrid because you just need 1 tritanium to build the ccp ships.

And insurance just covers hull only, not the billions in mods you added.

Build costs come from market, which is player controlled. CCP rarely messes with the Market itself.

So if the producer of said 300M battleship wants to raise the price due to how harder it was to build it he can, but the mineral prices need to reflect that change in cost and if it doesn’t, then insurance won’t adjust accordingly.

You should really learn how SS works. In 3 H you can go from 0 to +5 SS - while going slow.

Here are the numbers :
going from 0 to +5 is a mult of your missing SS by 0.5 (from 10 missing to 5) .
Killing ONE rat in ONE system with a mult of 0.035 means a mult of your missing by (1 - 0.035 × 1.25) = 0.956
so killing n rats in n different systems (or after the 5 min window) multiplies your missing ss by 0.956^n
so to get a ×0.5 to missing you need ln(0.5)/ln(1 - 0.035 × 1.25) = 15.5 rats killed.
You kill one every 10 minutes so that means 15.5×10/60 = 2.6H . Note that 10 minutes is very large, and 3 is also very large compared to the 2.6

If instead of 0 you start at S, and instead of 10 minutes you kill one rat every M minutes, then you need ln(5/(10-S0))/ln(1 - 0.035 × 1.25) × M/60 hours. Starting at -10, with 5 minute per rat, you’d need ln(0.25)/ […] × 5/60 ) =2.6 hours (same, expectd since going from -10 to +5 is twice the division as going from 0 to +5)

Insurance prices are based off market value… kinda.

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