Stop the ganking start the pvping



EVE always rewards people for avoiding difficulty. Many of the most profitable things in the game are the easiest things and it’s almost always better to avoid conflict than to engage in it from a profitability perspective.

The rewards are greater in 0.5 than 1.0 but many aren’t “far greater”. Any PvE area would have to be low reward. High sec is already low reward, so that works out nicely.

I expect it does happen frequently. I expect in most MMOs there some people that like one thing, some people that like another, some people that like a mix, etc. The problem here is that you think what you want is objectively correct and that anyone who disagrees should leave the game. I don’t accept that.

If people would farm there, why does everyone not currently farm highsec? By your own admission ganking is a tiny fraction of PvP, so highsec should already attract nearly every player in the game. I think that even if there were a mechanically safe PvE zone, most people would still choose to explore a variety of areas.

That’s not irony, Alanis.

I never commanded you to leave the game. I only said it’d be better for your sanity to play another game, outside the realm of the full loot PVPVE genre. Since you can’t seem to tolerate people will kill you for no reason at all, arbitrarily, as part of what the game was designed to be. So you mald and then come to the forums to try to lobby a change that will destroy the game just so you dont have to PvP (in a full loot PVP game, go figure, lol).

If you choose to stay just accept you may die anywhere, for any reason.


The inherent problem is that they want a PvE Only area that is effectively safer than current 1.0. However that ignores the fact that PvE reward is scaled according to security level…and reward in current 1.0 is deliberately and rightly way less than reward in 0.5…for example.

So the ultra-highsec PVE Only area would logically have to have even less reward than the already paltry reward in 1.0…or you’d get a ridiculous imbalance. Why should people in that PvE Only area get the same PvE reward as people outside of it in standard 0.5 areas, for example.

That means reward in the PvE Only area would have to be so low that it just would not be worth entering.

And that is why the whole PvE Only thing is completely unworkable.

Ah yes but they would it in small steps. They would lobby CCP to create this area first, and then they would come to the forums to whine it’s pointless so rewards should be increased.


And the PvE-ers and PvP-ers in regular 0.5 would storm Jita and demand to know why should the PvE Only people in their risk-free little area get the same reward as people in 0.5 for enduring zero risk at all. And not even CCP would be able to justify that.


I’m perfectly sane playing this game, but thank you for your concern.

I will choose to stay and I will choose to continue to support changes that I feel improve the game, such as the removal of ganking.

There, fixed it for you.

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You fixed it for you. I feel that the removal of ganking improves the game, you feel it ruins it. This is the difference of opinion we have.

Clever chicken. Catch me if you can ! ( and unlike some, I won’t go whining off to CCP if you do ).

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Is it really that clever? You’re playing as if you are in nullsec, but for highsec rewards. Why not just mine in nullsec?

So, [Redacted] and ObviouslyNot[Redacted’s]alt want to remove elements from the game that he doesn’t like.

But here’s a pro-tip. You can remove them from the forums!

And he absolutely hates it.

Give it a try. Once you do, you’ll find that most of your posts will start to be mysteriously flagged as inappropriate.

Here’s the interesting thing. He wants what he wants removed, but can’t stand it when ends up being him that got the axe.

Guess what’s good for the goose, isn’t good for the gander.

But the block feature has been such a blessing. You should try it too!

Changed pronouns from they, to he, as they are the same person.


I don’t care about ‘rewards’. I have billions. What you singularly fail to grasp is that some enjoy the cat and mouse chase. I enjoy not being 100% safe in highsec. I enjoy running the gauntlet when I undock from Jita or other such places. Sometimes I deliberately fly through ganker space just for the thrill of it. This is the real fun in Eve…screw the ISK.

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So you mine because you enjoy the chase, but by “chase” you mean “docking up as soon as anyone enters local”?

Just seems like an odd choice, that’s all. Exploration in populated areas sounds more like more like the cat and mouse game.

At this point half of the threads are just “hidden reply” to me. I have found it makes conversations much more rational and coherent. Plus it’s like their version of eve. They can’t non-consensually attack me with their dumb posts, but if a feel like being especially adventurous I can read an occasional reply to see if they are still saying the exact same thing. They always are, so I can then return to my monitored safe space of hidden replies.


I’m all over Eve in ( redacted ) number of accounts. Mining, hauling, PvE, PvP, ganking, bashing stations, yada yada, even getting involved in ( redacted ) activities. You’re the one only doing PvE. I have an exciting and extensive Eve. Your problem is you seem to think the whole of Eve should be just combat anomalies…which are really quite boring after a while.

I’ve never said the whole of EVE should just be anomalies, but yeah, I enjoy PvE. That’s allowed.

If you don’t like the way the game has been for 20 years…the person who should adapt or move on, instead of being a dog in a manger, is you.

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