Storm Chaser Yeet Filaments

Proposal to add an additional line of four signal fillaments (corresponding to four types of weather) that yeet fleets into the weaker periphery of Metalliminal storm systems. This means there is a chance yeeted fleets could appear in high or low sec if the storm zones bleed over beyond null.


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The filament should drop everybody within a 2 km sphere right at the sun, in the central storm system. That way everybody can meet in one spot. No cloaks. No logistics. No armor or shield resistances.

Polarized yolo bbq filaments.

Let’s not.

What’s wrong with the chance of small fleets winding up along border systems if the weather moves into position there?

■■■■■■■■ lore hiding “magic travel” in EVE.

Filaments should have a 50% chance of collapsing with the traveler inside.

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Nothing’s “wrong” about it, it’s just a garbage idea.

What’s garbage about the idea of making it rain microbursts of fleets in slow moving storm zones? It’s a content driver!

Why would people use them with such a terrible risk to reward balance?

I thought it was a fair compromise, some of us want them to collapse 100% of the time and others 0% so we met half way :crazy_face:


You’ve never met a radical centrist before?

50% Chance you go to null, or 50% chance you land on the Jita undock. It would be glorious.


50% chance you warp Jita into null or 50% chance you warp Jita into the brain attribute slot of a player docked in Jita… (a GM did that once. Brain in a box does funny things).

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Yeah, lets remove those magic jump drives also!

There is a huge difference between a ship with technology and a tiny item with more power than any jump gate much less ship. A tiny item that is harmless and inert until activated.

If it doesn’t have even remotely plausible physics it is MAGIC!

(understanding most physics is only remotely plausible to begin with :slight_smile: )

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Yeah that’s about what I expected.
“It’s fine as long as it’s space magic I like”.
That is what your statement there can be summed up to.

Note, I’m not saying I particularly love filaments, but they are no more space magic than jump drives are.

Filaments are more magical than gates because the filaments were just introduced recently, so they seem strange.

@Xeux Now I get it! :wink:

(our area lost power/internet for the last 24 hrs)

Is the concern that they’d be used by a logistics cabal of cloaky orca bots?