Story of Frat being scammed 100 B isk. Real or not real?

Great read but i wonder if its true

It’s a post with “evidence” about how they used “fake evidence” to scam an alliance leader.

I would probably trust Chriba to set this to bed but I don’t think it would be appropriate for them to comment.

One thing I noticed about this post was it had a very one sided description of BOS being “removed” from Venal last year which BOS used to create a lot of publicity and propoganda on Reddit. This could be an excuse to get more mileage out of that and rekindle a little of that fire. They too love spinning a tale.

I dont expect anyone from either alliane to come forward but its stories like that, that i still love reading.

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Theres more info on this thread, where Chribba appears to confirm this in the following comment. (Link is being weird)

If this is true I wonder if this 100 billion is directly linked to BOS recently throwing their weight around in Venal and attempting to bully smaller corps out of it in a perverse mirror of what they claimed Frat did to them.

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