Storyline Mission

I have to move 40000 m3 for Lvl 4 storyline mission. I’m Gallente. What ship can I fit to do this? Thanks in advance for the help!

Iteron Mark V with Gallente Industrial V can be fitted to carry 40.5k m^3 or you can use the t2 variant Occator, with a fleet hangar of 62.5k m^3 with maximum skills.
Alternatively, you can use an Orca or a freighter.


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It’s usually stack of few smaller items. So you can do few trips in smaller ship.

just pray you dont get any of the newer freighter ones

It may depend on what the 40,000m3 actually is.
The Gallente have a range of specialised haulers such as the Miasmos which has a dedicated ore hold that can, as I recall, easily handle 40,000m3 of ore.

Otherwise, it’s either a max cargo fitted T1 as someone has already pointed out, or a Deep Space Transport.
Or pay someone else to haul it for you.

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