Tech 1 Haulers

If you have a Iteron 5 Tech 1 hauler, are all other non-freighter T1 haulers mute?

No they all make lovely humming noises…

OK, I suspect the question is “is there a reason to get anything else?” And the answer is the usual Eve: Yes and No.

In general, each race has two basic T1 haulers - one that is designed for a larger load and is slow (the Iteron V is a good example) and one that carries a smaller load more quickly (The Nereus is the Gallente “fast T1”) - both are paper thin and I’d be wary about hauling too much value in them. The Iteron is normally viewed as one of the better T1 haulers.

Which is better depends on what you are shifting and how fast you want to move it.

So, no you don’t need to worry about the other races T1 haulers, but you might want to consider the T1 fast hauler for some tasks.

There are specialist T1 haulers, the Gallente have a set, each optimised for particular cargos - a lot of ore for example: large volume but relatively low value. Just be aware that flying one is advertising what the cargo is.

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I like the caldari and amarr t1 and t2 haulers. tayra and badger are the t1 workhorse xD

:red_circle: The Bestower carries more than an Iteron V. Just saying.

The current game balance is also a tradeoff of how much you want to carry, versus how tough the ship is. Iteron V carries more but is easily destroyed. The Nereus carries less, but can take several more hits, if you fit it well.

Indeed I would not use an iteron to haul stuff unless from station from station

The Bestower has 45,787 m3 cargo space with max fittings, which beats the iterons 42,889. Note that these are with ORE cargo expanders, which you would never use. But the point stands.

A Miasmos has an ore bay of 63,000.

So if you’re hauling ore, minerals, PI, or ammo, you use a specialist hauler. Anything else, you use whatever you want, unless you absolutely need max cargo space for it, in which case you use a Bestower.

It’s quite possible to fit a “small” t1 industrial so it can withstand a gank attempt, i.e. 2 large shield extenders plus resist mods and still having over 5k cargo space. Not so with the “big” t1 ones, which are recommended for bulk stuff only. You want to use both.

Cargo hold is not the only attribute of haulers. Sometimes it’s better to have 40.000 m3 cargohold, sometimes it’s better to have 2700 m3 cargohold and repairing 600 EHP/s (look up the battle Nereus!), and sometimes you just want to fly a fast aligning warp stabbed Epithal to haul planetary goods.

The benefit of specialised haulers is that they can be fit for tank, align or warp speed without sacrificing cargo for it, because their big specialised holds are not affected by cargo expanders.

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